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Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose

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1 Rising Hill Ridge, Brampton, ON L6Y 0C3
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Townhome Project Summary

Modern townhome communities are a great way to build up a Greater Toronto Area suburb, and now is your chance to delve into this unique type of development.

Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose is an expansive fully built townhome project located in the emerging city of Brampton. The project from Daniels Corporation is nestled at the corner of Rising Hill Ridge and Beckenrose Court.

This community lies at the perfect location where Mississauga and Brampton meet. With the Hurontario LRT in the pipeline to better connect these cities, this development is expertly located. Bordering two growing areas that promise ideal opportunity to establish roots for families, this site bound to open job options for young professionals is surely one to keep an eye on.

Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose Townhome
New Townhome Project at Rising Hill Ridge, Brampton, ON L6Y 0C3

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This community will be composed of a healthy mix of suite layouts including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom ready-built condo townhome units. The suites will range in size from 661 to 1,305 square feet.

The charming homes will boast a quaint brick exterior that provides a sense of community and togetherness. The interiors expertly match the charismatic energy of the site’s green landscape, making for the perfect suburban yet contemporary residence.

Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose suites are completed with laminate flooring, high ceilings, and stainless steel kitchen appliances. Kitchens specifically will be spacious with stunning cabinetry, an island and ample room for young families accommodating children. They will also be complete with a garage and balcony.

The unique aspect of this project that, as mentioned, it is fully built -- this means that the stunning interior stagings are welcome for visitors to get the opportunity to see for themselves. Buyers looking for an income property or to purchase a home to live in will both benefit from getting a first person look at everything that these townhomes have to offer.

The homes are ready to move into which means no time waiting on construction. This is a particular advantage this developer has, that makes it all that more of a better reason to move fast with this development that is 5 steps ahead.

Build for young families accommodating children

Location & Neighbourhood

This charismatic community is located in a thriving neighbourhood that is ideal for a variety of lifestyles. The neighbourhood is the perfect place for young families to establish roots as Brampton is home to a variety of elementary and secondary schools -- and is also a designated Urban Growth Centre. It is one of the most rapidly growing cities in Canada, its growth rate clocking in at number 2 out of Ontario’s 25 biggest cities.

There is no question that people are looking to take up residence in this city that ranks as the third largest in the Greater Toronto Area with a population of 593,638 according to the 2016 consensus.

According to the recent census, the population grew 13.3% from 2011 to 2016. It also documented that the majority of the population ranges from the ages of 35 to 49, -- this suggests a prominent family presence in the area. The age ranges between 35 to 39, 40 to 44 and 45 to 49, all amountings to 41,000 respectively.

The city is also home to a largely affluent population, with an average household income rate of $89,010. With more and more families flocking to this area, the area is growing rapidly to keep up -- After all, over 8,00 businesses currently call the city home.

With that growth comes job opportunity, and countless entertainment sources. Major employers in the area include Rogers Communications, FCA Canada and Coca-Cola to name a few of many. Brampton is also the location of the Loblaw Companies Ltd head office. Additionally, it is home to many distribution centres, including those for Amazon, Canadian Tire and Indigo.

In addition to boasting a wide range of jobs, the location is also ideal in relation to the city. The development itself is minutes away from from highway 407 and 40. The Zum transit system is also steps away from the site. Needless to say whether driving or commuting, business professionals will find it easy to travel from this community into Toronto for work -- and to make it in home for dinner. Considering the Hurontario LRT its way, more and more professionals will turn to Brampton as a relaxing removal from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose’s immediate surroundings are laden with entertainment options ranging from shops, restaurants, and even trails for those who like to keep active. The central Bramalea Mall is a mere 17 minute drive away from the residence -- and Mississauga's widely known Square One is also easily accessible at an even shorter 16 minutes away!

The perks of being where the two major cities link mean that all both have to offer -- from entertainment to jobs -- is at your fingertips. The time to invest in this rapidly expanding city is now, and this charming community is the perfect opportunity to attract growing families and business professionals looking to lay down roots.

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Daniels FirstHome  Beckenrose Developer

The Daniels Corporation is a developer that boasts over three decades of experience in the Greater Toronto Area. They are widely regarded as one of Canada’s most respected builders today, with a resume of over 27,000 homes built in the GTA. They build commercial spaces, apartments and retail spaces, and a variety of master-plan communities that have helped transform Toronto. Their success can largely be chalked up to this experience that has allowed them to showcase their unique ability of being able to wear a variety of hats.

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The Daniels Corporation
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