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Amexon Development

Amexon Development is a real estate company that has provided a wide range of services to the GTA for over 35 years. They are responsible for some of the most stunning residential towers in the city, but they have also become one of largest suburban office building developers in Canada.

Also, They offer property management services which focus on customer service. This developer prides itself in being an expert in tenant satisfaction, and this is clearly evident when looking at their approach to their office management branch of their company.

They boast being able to organize each move into their office facilities, starting from the initial contact and ending in the physical move. They employ a highly trained team of leasing experts who take time to analyze each of their tenants’ requests.

One of largest suburban office building developers in Canada

They understand that tenants have a wide variety of requests, and so they try their best to accommodate any issue that may come up. The feature service they offer is their in-house interior designer who oversees the design process so tenants can enjoy a custom office specified to their needs and preferences. The interior designer creates a tailor-made office environment that takes full advantage of the layout, latest innovations, materials and finishes. They make sure to supervise the entire process so the tenants can get exactly what they want.

New Condo Developments By Amexon Development

As a property manager, Amexon Development holds itself to the highest practice standards in the industry. Their strategy to achieving this is having on-site and regional management offices, so they can ensure their presence if anything should arise. They understand how valuable their clients are, and so their aim is to keep them happy by establishing close and long term relationships - no matter the size of their business. They apply a hands-on approach to achieve optimum occupancy and customer satisfaction.

Throughout the years, this developer has been able to curate an excellent reputation for their stunning developments that use state of the art design practices. They are also recognized for their excellent performance record that applies a tradition of superior construction and responsiveness.

Their diverse team of professionals work to create an unmatched blend of knowledge that applies the developer's experience and local market knowledge. They are recognized by the entire industry. Their South Beach Condos project had an impressive showing at the 2013 International Property Awards in which they won both the Best High-Rise Architecture Award, and the Best Mixed-Use Architecture Award.

This developer understands that their job isn’t over once construction is complete, so they take on a variety of tasks once the building is finished. They perform regular preventative maintenance to ensure that their premises are always in top shape they do this by making sure to employ eco friendly building materials and practices, and using cutting edge accounting techniques and equipment. Their goal is to always achieve satisfied tenants, optimum occupancy, and strong financial management. If they can reach these three pinnacles, then success will be ensured.

This developer has worked throughout their tenure to be successful in multiple branches of the industry, and in doing so have proven that they are equipped to take on any responsibility. Their prowess in management and office building has shown that they are also able to take unmatched care of their residential properties. Their dedication to providing premium customer service to each of their clients in their office buildings, no matter how small, translates into their attitude to their condo residents, in that all residents who live in their buildings will be taken care of. Those who live in single bedroom suites will be treated the same as residents who live in the penthouses. Their award winning dedication to design and architecture also gives evidence to this developer’s commitment to creating beautiful high-rises throughout the city. As the skyline of Toronto continues to be defined, this developer shows true promise in being a major contributor to its identity.

Previous Projects

South Beach Condos

This pair of award winning residential towers provide enviable living quarters for any city dweller. Located in Humber Bay, these high-rises sit on an entrance to the Gardiner Expressway, so access to the entire city is always at your doorstep, and their proximity to the waterfront ensures beautiful views of Lake Ontario and Toronto’s gorgeous skyline. Amenities include a juice bar, squash court, library, pool, and jacuzzi. They are located on 88 Park Lawn Road and construction was completed in 2012.

All New Condo Developments By Amexon Development

Central Park Condos
Now Selling
Now Selling
Development by: Amexon Development
1200 Sheppard Ave E, North York, ON M2K 2S5
Condo Prices From The Low $700,000's
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225 Jarvis St
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Development by: Amexon Development
225 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5B 2C1
Condo Prices TBA
Move in TBA
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