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DBS Developments

DBS Developments has over 50 years of experience in the real estate industry. The company started with David Soloman, a holocaust survivor originally born in Poland that immigrated to Toronto after the World War II. His goal was to create a better life for himself and his family.

The first company that he started once he settled in Toronto was Gonte Construction. As the GTA grew, his construction company grew with it. Throughout the years, Gonte Construction became incredibly successful until it finally evolved into a fully-integrated real estate development firm, called DB Developments.

DBS Developments has over 50 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Building off of their construction experience, They became successful in many facets of the industry including project design, construction and customer care. Since starting DBS Developments, the company continues on their mission to build high-quality homes that create a positive impact on communities. Their goal is to contribute to the growth of the GTA by building in under-utilized locations and strengthening each community with good quality homes that their clients can be proud of. Over 50 years later, DBS Developments continues David’s legacy and passion for real estate. They work hard by overseeing every aspect of the development process, working closely with partners and clients to achieve the best results and focusing on providing high-quality homes for each resident.

New Condo Developments By DBS Developments

Toronto is now considered one of the best cities in the world and this development company is determined to maintain that status and contribute to it by building long-lasting homes for future generations. Being that Toronto is filled with multiculturalism, they want to embrace that vibrancy and create affordable homes for immigrants who, like David, have contributed to the city in a positive way.

In order to attract some of the best minds from around the globe to Toronto, this developer needs to supply some of the finest homes that many newcomers will want to live in.

DBS Developments works off of two important core values, including innovation and community. With innovation, they are committed to leading the community to a greener and more sustainable future. Their goal is to build homes that last and to provide residents with homes that allow them to live a comfortable lifestyle. To achieve this, they work with well-known architects and designers that can provide innovative designs that lead to the longevity of each home and pre-construction condo.

The second part of their mission is to focus on the community. This focus has allowed them to create homes that their clients can take pride in. They put an emphasis on their social responsibility to ensure that they create homes that will enhance a community and not hinder it. Their involvement in the community and their drive to build innovative homes has allowed them the opportunity to create a positive impact throughout the last 50 years. They have since built many condo projects throughout the City of Toronto and the rest of the GTA.

Previous Projects

St. Dennis Drive Condos

This development replaced an existing apartment building with two modern condominiums including 12-storey and 37-storey buildings with two blocks of 3-storey townhouses. This project provides 552 residential units, most of which will be two to three bedrooms designed specifically for families. A new public park has been added to this complex as well to give residents the chance to enjoy the outdoor space.

All New Condo Developments By DBS Developments

Metro Park
New Release Coming Soon
New Release Coming Soon
Development by: DBS Developments
25 St Dennis Dr, North York, ON M3C 1E6
Townhome Prices TBA
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