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Gemterra Developments Corporation

Gemterra Developments Corporation that has been building throughout the Greater Toronto Area since 2010. Although they’re new to the scene in Canada, they have already made an impact in the GTA, and they have focused their efforts in Scarborough. Their corporate philosophy and international experience have been reliable stewards for their success. This is also a developer that understands the importance of community building, and they have made special contributions in the neighbourhoods that they inhabit.

This developer builds residential and commercial projects throughout the GTA and they offer a diverse range of services in the real estate industry. They focus on development, construction, and other related services.

Developer Management

Their diverse experience encompasses many different aspects of the industry including architecture, construction, design, property management, and real estate. They have already made leaps and bounds into the industry as they are already responsible for one million square meters of floor space.

This developer has a philosophy of creating condos that have higher levels of standards. Although they came to Canada in 2010, they have extensive experience building internationally. They were a company in China before they came to Canada, and that is where they accumulated decades worth of experience.

Their breadth of knowledge is comprised of quality construction, excellent design, expansive and efficient floor plans, finely crafted finishes, and first class amenities. This background has allowed this developer to create and deliver well designed buildings with unparalleled features and finishes. They have shown a tradition of solid leadership, in-depth industry knowledge, and vast professional experience.

Management Team

Their diverse expertise and multicultural background will lend itself well to developing in the Greater Toronto Area, and this being the most exciting market in the world, it’s easy to see why they have brought their talents here.

As new contenders in the Toronto real estate market, they have recognized the importance of community building. The truly successful developers understand that communities are so much more than just a collective of buildings. They are living and breathing things that affect the lives of the people who inhabit them. This is why they’ve taken strides to make charitable donations and build sustainable buildings. They have recently donated $15,000 to Princess Margaret Foundation and also sponsored the Fairchild TV Awards in 2016.

These endeavours have shown that they are committed to being part of the communities in which they’re building. They have also pledged themselves to building towards a greener earth. They have put in green roofs into their developments. These are outfitted with gardens, and they also use water storage systems which take rain water and and stores it for future use in the building. These revolutionary ways of a building are creating a huge impact throughout the Greater Toronto Area, as they’re being implemented in developments across the city.

This developer has swiftly solidified its position as a preeminent builder in the Greater Toronto Area. They have already developed an impressive amount of land in the region, and they have been established for less than 10 years in the city. One big reason for their success is their extensive background in the international community. They have built throughout China for decades, and now they’re bringing their abilities here. They are also looking to build communities by contributing to charitable organizations and the environment. It’s going to be interesting to watch this developer evolve overtime, and we expect them to become a major player on the scene.

Previous Projects

LOVE Condos

This development is 21 storeys high and it is in one of the most enviable locations in all of Scarborough. It is surrounded by a golf course, library, shopping centres, schools, as well as a GO Transit station which provides residents a lifeline to the entire Greater Toronto Area. This development is comprised of a glass and steel tower which houses the condos, and it also has fourteen-three storey townhomes. The units are warm, spacious, and efficiently designed, perfect for the modern urbanite. The amenities include a party room, billiards room, BBQ area, bar, garden, exercise room, lounge, pool, and hot tub. Move here, and you’ll LOVE where you live. It is located at 185 Bonis Avenue and construction was completed in 2014.

All New Condo Developments By Gemterra Developments Corporation

20 Cowdray Court
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
20 Cowdray Ct, Scarborough, ON M1S 1A1
Condo Prices TBA
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Joy Condos
Bonis Ave, Scarborough, ON M1T 0A5
Condo Prices Contact Us Today
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