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Hue Developments

Hue Developments is a subsidiary of a highly successful Vietnam-based developer, known as Hoa Binh Corp. Hoa Binh is one of the 5 leading developers and general contractors in Vietnam and has made a name for themselves by building some of the most large-scale projects. With their success, they decided to take their experience and expertise in the home-building industry and bring those qualities to Canada.

The developer has over 25 years of experience in the construction and development industry. They have been able to actively manage over 80 projects to date and they always manage to build high-quality and innovative pre-construction condominium projects.

Hue Developments with over 25 years of experience in the construction and development industry

They have the magnitude and robust infrastructure to provide credible insight on every aspect of the real estate industry and they are constantly expanding their horizons as they continue to build exceptional real estate projects in North America.

What makes this developer different is that they use their global expertise to constantly create new, innovative projects. Their goal is to create homes that their clients will be proud of while providing exceptional customer care. This developer was co-founded by Allen Le Nam, a Vietnam-born developer that came to Canada as a refugee in 1993.

New Condo Developments By Hue Developments

When Le Nam first came to Canada, he settled down in Hamilton, Ontario. It was here that he set his roots and had grown to love the city. When he founded  this Development company, he wanted to do something to give back to his city and community in Hamilton and wanted to build something that anyone could call home.

He set his sights on a 135 year old heritage church known as James Street Baptist Church. This landmark in Hamilton holds so much history and offers unique British-style architecture.

The church has been unused and unmaintained for the last few years, so the developer will keep the existing front facade of the church while incorporating the rest of the site into a mixed-use high-rise condominium.

This will be a place where people from Hamilton will grow and thrive and the building will combine the old and new of the city’s heritage. This is just one example of their incredibly innovative and unique projects.

This development company focuses on three guiding principles which include honour, understanding and enthusiasm. They strive to honour the cities they work in and the partners they work with and they continue to create projects that preserve the authenticity and legacy of its neighbourhoods.

They have built many projects in different areas of the market including residential, retail, commercial and industrial buildings - This diverse portfolio has allowed them to better understand and serve their customers. They are committed to building innovative and sustainable developments and this commitment allows them to be enthusiastic about their work on a day-to-day basis. All of their employees treat every customer and each project with enthusiasm and respect.

These guiding principles lay the foundation of their work. They are constantly driven to create real estate projects that uphold the highest standards of quality and that continue to deliver the company’s reputation of excellence. They always set out to build exceptional developments while maintaining their legacy of creating innovative projects. You can expect nothing but the best from this developer.

All New Condo Developments By Hue Developments

98 James St S Condos
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Coming Soon
98 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 2Z2
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