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Kaleido Developments Inc

Kaleido Developments Inc is passionate about helping its clients and investors make smart real estate investments that will add value to their portfolio. They work with their investors to identify their comfort level, and then put their money in the proper risk / reward avenues. While they’ve dealt with huge projects in the past, they’ve since shifted their focus to pursue smaller projects, which they feel will allow them to better maximize profits for all of their investors.

Their main strategy is to find and acquire land that’s in an optimal position for profitable development. They’ve been doing this since 2013, and have found incredible success. This strategy has allowed them to secure over $70 million in funding, providing financing for 21 developments for their clients. They’ve also helped over 900 clients accomplish their financial goals.

Development Team

One of their guiding philosophies is to emulate what the big companies in the sector do. They don’t directly develop on the land itself, rather acquire properties and then contract professionals to work as consultants, planners, architects, and builders to see the building process from the beginning through to completion. This is the same strategy employed by large companies, they just do it on a smaller scale.

At one time, Kaleido concentrated on building larger developments, but they’ve since shifted their focus to acquire and build smaller developments. There are a lot of reasons for this. First of all, it allows them to offer larger shares to their individual investors. Rather than own a tiny portion of a massive development, investors can now own a large stake in a moderately sized condo development.

Another positive thing about focusing on smaller projects is that they’re easier to manage, which should make perfect sense. They know the importance of working within their means, and this has allowed them to maintain steady growth. Another boon of smaller projects is that they can be completed at a much faster rate. When many of the soaring high-rise towers in the downtown core take 10 years to complete, smaller mid-rise projects can be completed in a fraction of that time.

New Condo Developments By Kaleido Developments Inc

Part of the reason they’ve created this unique approach is so they can work more closely with their clients. It’s all centred around being accessible investors, and the most important thing for them is to help you realize your financial goals. It starts with listening to the client. After that, they can build off that understanding to create encompassing strategies that are customized to their clients’ specifications.

Of course, there's more to life than condos, and that’s why this developer also gives to charitable organizations. They know that people come to Toronto from all over the world to pursue a better life, and they want to contribute to that any way they can. They donate to organizations that work to ensure families are safe, healthy, well-educated and prosperous. Their charities include the Make A Wish Foundation and Tour for Kids Cycling Adventure.

One of their most exciting prospects is the Nova Urban Towns project in North York. There’s no doubt that one of the most enticing things about this project is its location. Located only a few steps away from Finch Station on Line 1 Yonge/University, these towns are also a short distance away from North York Centre, which has become a thriving employment hub in the City of Toronto. Nova will be four storeys tall, and it will be built in two phases.

This development showcases everything that this developer is about. It’s a smaller building, only 4 storeys tall, and this will go on to increase in value for the investors due to its proximity to the subway and employment centres.

This developer’s credo is to take what works for the big guys, and apply it on a smaller scale. This is an ingenious way to maximize profits and values, while also offering a human side to condo development. While they rely on contracting builders and other industry professionals, they’re able to also listen to their clients and create an investment strategy that works for them. The condo buildings that they’re building are also located in great locations, which can be seen in their Nova Urban Towns development. Keep your eye on this developer, they could be a perfect fit for your investment goals.

All New Condo Developments By Kaleido Developments Inc

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Nova Urban Towns
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57 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2N 2H3
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Four Sixteen
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416 Dundas St E, Whitby, ON L1N 3X2
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