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LCH Developments / Lifestyle Custom Homes


LCH Developments / Lifestyle Custom Homes is one of the most well rounded real estate developer builders in the Greater Toronto Area, being capable of constructing condos and single family homes alike. They pride themselves on their technical backgrounds that have informed how they run their company. They also adhere to a compassionate ethos that informs each decision they make, as well as their day to day affairs.

They offer a variety of services, and all are concerned with residential homes. They are capable of overseeing design and building services in condominium developments. Their multi-family developments typically take shape of stylish mid-rises in sought after neighbourhoods throughout the city.

They’ve built a presence in tremendous eastern neighbourhoods like Leslieville and Riverdale

While many developers have struggled to enter the market to the east of the Don Valley, this group has seen the potential of properties that are adjacent to subway lines, and are packed with trendy shops, bars, and restaurants. They’ve built a presence in tremendous eastern neighbourhoods like Leslieville and Riverdale, and they’re just getting started.

They have been able to take on such a diversity of projects due to their technical backgrounds in a variety of disciplines. Their founders have backgrounds in Engineering and Project Management, and this means that they’re able to anticipate successful solutions to problems that haven’t even appeared yet. They know the ins and outs of construction, and they know that to be successful in the Toronto real estate development industry, it’s vital to ensure quality craftsmanship in each one of their projects.

Their success has also been stewarded by their Guiding Principles. These tenants include Pride & Transparency, Passion, and People & Character.

Their pride and transparency come in the form of achieving the objective of building the home of your dreams. They use the latest technology to monitor the day to day operations of each one of their projects. This allows them to know the up to date status of each one of their projects. Sound impossible? It’s not when you have a stringent mandate of taking on no more than three projects at a time. This is why it’s so important to book their services in advance.

New Condo Development

Their passion is what drives them to build the best home they can. To them, nothing is more satisfying than completing a new, flawless home that exceeds every expectation. They always use the latest building techniques, as well as the lessons learned from their previous building experiences.

They also know the importance of team building, and this is embodied by their superior team that always aims for perfection. As a company that uses the most cutting edge technology and building methods, they make sure to keep their employees in the loop with constant training and team building.

This developer takes extra steps to ensure that every home they build is special. This can be seen from the smallest projects, such as renovations and house additions, to entire redevelopments like the old Anglican Church on Jones Avenue. This beautiful, old church will be transformed into a stunning lofts building, while also keeping its original charm by preserving the Victorian red brick facade.

By adhering to their rules, they have been able to find tremendous success. They only take on three projects at a time, and this helps them stay up to date with the daily progress, and it also allows them to ensure that each development is paid the proper amount of attention. They also understand the importance of keeping passionate people on board, people who collectively strive to make an impact everyday. These reasons, in addition to the formal education of the company’s founders, are why they’re able to take on such a diverse set of responsibilities and tasks.

They are going to continue to reshape the city with their stunning mid-rises and custom homes that regularly push the envelope in terms of design and technology. Connect with us to learn more about their projects, and how you can find yourself in one of their homes today.

Previous Projects

5/7 Allen Road

Upon working on a previous development in the area, this developer was able to recognize the tremendous opportunities that laid in this underutilized part of the city. Where there was once a forgotten bungalow, they constructed townhomes that are the epitome of modernity in terms of both design and functionality.


All New Condo Developments By LCH Developments / Lifestyle Custom Homes

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Now Selling
2201 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1T7
Townhome Prices From The Mid $500,000's
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98 James St S Condos
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
98 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 2Z2
Condo Prices TBA
Move in TBA
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