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Metropole Developments

Metropole Developments is a real estate developer in the Greater Toronto Area that creates unique and inspiring homes. With over two decades of experience in the real estate industry, this agency has long been a developer of quality homes and communities specifically targeting popular areas such as Richmond Hill and Toronto. Their headquarters are based in Richmond Hill, and the team is led by Aabas Aameri, the President and CEO of the company.

This group of professionals continuously aims to keep excellence at the forefront of their work. They specialize in building townhomes and houses customized for their clients while maintaining design and aesthetic in mind. Their vision is to create quality homes in diverse communities that welcomes people in every stage of life.

A real estate developer in the Greater Toronto Area that creates unique and inspiring homes.

Metropole Development has been creating fine homes and neighbourhoods in the GTA and abroad. They are well-versed in fields of construction such as architecture planning, installations of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, and are present at all the stages of home building. They strive to keep integrity and excellence at the forefront, while maintaining long-term value to neighborhoods by generating a sense of community with its developments.

It is through their experience, well-thought out land purchases and planning that Metropole has been able to deliver on its promise of excellence. They have a keen eye for exceptionalism and it is apparent in every project they pursue. With many completed homes within the GTA, this agency places the comfort and accessibility of customers first.

New Condo Developments By Metropole Developments

Some of their most impressive projects have been their customized homes that can be seen throughout the GTA. They often combine modern and European styles to elevate their designs to a sophisticated, unique styled luxury home. A prime example of their sublime work is their customized home located at 11 Blaine Drive in Toronto.

This agency has been creating a name for themselves through the construction of prestigious houses, and have recently entered into the townhousing industry. Currently they have two townhouse communities in pre-construction, and one under construction. These homes are all equipped with top of the line materials and technology to ensure a quality lifestyle for its clients.

An investment in a Metropole development is sure to be successful as they aim to keep their customers completely satisfied. Iconic architecture in hot spots around the GTA are key to maintaining a positive name that is Metropole.

As a landowner, developer, and builder, Metropole’s projects exude excellence and luxury. With its unique designs, dedication to quality, devotion to details, and special customer care, Metropole has created an exceptional brand that continues to expand.

Previous Projects

Maffey Glen

This innovative set of townhomes is strategically constructed in the heart of Richmond Hill. The row of townhomes features 10-foot ceilings and oak finishes throughout, bringing these dwellings to another level of elegance. The exterior exhibits remarkable elevations using clay brick, stucco, precast stone, wood, vinyl, and aluminum, showcasing quality craftsmanship. Not to mention, it sits in close proximity to exceptional schools, parks and recreational facilities. Additionally, the site is in walking distance to kilometers of walking trails and biking paths. It is also serviced by local transit and GO transit; and Highways 404 and 407 are all conveniently located just minutes away.

45 Lurgan

This is a unique and bold two-storey home constructed at 45 Lurgan in North York. This house has fine contemporary touches with expansive windows and skylight windows to let in the maximum amount of natural lighting. The exterior finishes include unique copper hues to contrast with white clay brick and dark wooden doors that radiate excellence. This home is located centrally in the prestigious area of Willowdale. It sits right off Finch Avenue West, between the bustling roads of Bathurst and Yonge.

All New Condo Developments By Metropole Developments

Harris Gate Towns
New Release Coming Soon
New Release Coming Soon
104 Harris Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3M2
Townhome Prices TBA
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