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Sequoia Grove Homes

Sequoia Grove Homes is a developer that has been working in the Greater Toronto Area since 1999. They specialize in creating master planned communities of boutique homes, as well as luxury urban condos. Their name comes from a tree that is known to tower over forests and live to well over three thousand years, so that should indicate what kind of company this is. They shoot for the sky and build homes using the best materials and partners so they can last forever.

They use quality materials and name brand finishes to construct their homes, but also take innovative steps to build the best homes possible. In their Kings Grove Courtyard development, they used poured concrete instead of wood or bricks.

Specializeed in creating master planned communities of boutique homes

This method has allowed them to build quieter and safer homes. Concrete cancels out noise better than any other construction material, so using it means that it is almost impossible to hear your neighbours, and also cars and other noisey aspects of modern life.

Concrete is also safer because it is impervious to fire, and using it gives these homes an excellent fire rating.  This developer also had the foresight to anticipate rising electricity costs throughout Ontario, because of this they built homes that would be incredibly energy efficient. This not only shows that they’re compassionate about their residents needs, but it’s great for the environment!

These types of approaches are seldomly seen in the industry, and it is making this developer one of the leading home builders in the GTA. Their activity throughout the past two decades has shown that they’re able to create spaces that are functional and stylish. Their homes are perfect examples of uncompromising craftsmanship and superior attention to detail.

One of the most successful and sought after home builders in Toronto

They also work to foster positive relationships throughout the real estate community. They know that to be a successful developer you need to work together with the community. This is why they make a deliberate point of liaising with the best partners in the industry, so when you purchase a home from this developer, you know that you’re getting the best work from the best people.

They have proven to be a very successful home builder. They’ve completed almost 350 units throughout their various developments, and on average they’re able to generate $7.5 million of revenue a year.

This is quite an accomplishment, as it is well above the revenue that home builders typically generate in Southern Ontario. Their dedication to building quality homes has evidently paid off.

Sequoia Grove Homes is one of the most successful and sought after home builders in Toronto. With their innovative measures to build the quietest homes in the GTA, they’re able to build places that act as sanctuaries from busy urban life. Their attention to detail, dedication to craftsmanship, and unique ability to foster positive relationships mean you can always trust the houses or condos built by this developer.

Previous Projects

Wychwood at Upper Churchville

This community of historic village estates has a commitment to creating a sense of exclusive luxury. These gorgeous structure are clad in brick and stone, so your home will truly feel like a castle. The houses feature two door garages and are located among parks and rivers, as well as beautifully maintained gardens. The community is also close to schools and places of worship as these homes offer the perfect setting to raise a family. They are located on Churchville Road and were completed in 2013.

Twin Peaks in Thornhill

These contemporary family homes offer a reclusive sanctuary in the thriving city of Thornhill. Their prime locations are minutes away from schools, shops, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and recreation, so you’ll always have something to do if you decide to leave the house. They are located along Dufferin Street.

Kings Grove Courtyard

This community offers some of the safest and quietest living you will ever experience in your life, and it is located in the heart of Mississauga. Shops, restaurants, and parks surround this perfect location which is also minutes away from the QEW, so you’ll always have a life line to downtown Toronto. The units feature maintenance free windows, hi-velocity furnaces, and smart metres so you can always keep an eye on your electric bill. They are located along Hensall Circle.

All New Condo Developments By Sequoia Grove Homes

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Now Selling
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Now Selling
Development by: Sequoia Grove Homes
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