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Stanton Renaissance

Stanton Renaissance is a developer that stays true to its name. Their dedication is to take properties that aren’t reaching their full potential and revitalizing them into standout projects that will become landmarks in their prospective neighbourhoods. Where many developers would see difficulty and risk, this one is invigorated by the challenge to create beauty and revitalization where there was once ugliness and decay.

They are a company that looks towards the future, and so they build eco-friendly structures that preserve the environment, not to mention their residents’ wallets. They have also partnered up with one of Canadian real estate’s most well known figures, Mike Holmes.

Executive Management Team

This developer has placed its roots in revitalization, and in doing so has found itself in a unique niche of their industry. They seek out dysfunctional lands that are spoiled, or that are just not reaching their potential, and they revitalize them to create viable, green, and buildable land. Where most developers see urban rot, this developer sees a potential for vibrancy and growth. They aim to create aesthetically pleasing homes that are harmonious with their neighbourhoods, while simultaneously standing out of the crowd. They truly are transforming lands through practices of intelligent revitalization.

This developer knows that many modern homebuyers look for developments with environmentally friendly building and management practices. They also know that finding these types of buildings can be difficult, which is why they endeavour to make their projects as eco friendly as possible. As a company founded on the revitalization of land, there’s no one better to pursue sustainable building methods.

An example of their green building practices can be seen in their On The Go Mimico and The Connolly projects. Have you ever noticed that you air conditioner gives off heat? This system takes that energy and uses it to heat water in throughout the building. This will save residents 30% on their energy costs over seven years. They like to think of it as borrowing energy during the winter, and giving it back in the summertime.

Condo Project Development Team

Mike Holmes is one of the most well known figures in the Canadian real estate scene. He reached fame for his home improvement show Holmes on Homes in which he would go into people’s houses and perform beautiful renovations.

He has also formed The Holmes Group, his brand that oversees his operations in media production, new-home building, home inspection, and product development. Holmes Approved Homes is the real estate division of The Holmes Group. Mike Holmes uses the division as a vehicle to promote proper building practices. Stanton Renaissance is the very first condo developer that Holmes Approved Homes as agreed to partner up with. They agreed on the partnership because of the sustainable practices of the On The Go Mimico project.


On The Go Mimico is a condominium high-rise located in the quickly developing region of Etobicoke. This stunningly modern tower offers residents a chance to live in the only condos that have a GO Transit Station at their door step, so you can go to downtown Toronto at any time, and return to your tranquil home at On The Go Mimico. These condos are near waterfront property, so residents have amazing views of Lake Ontario. If you want to stay closer to home, there’s plenty to do around the neighbourhood. On The Go Mimico boasts a premium location that is surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, and lakefront walking trails. This is a chance to invest in the future of condo living in Etobicoke.

This developer has proven their dedication to revitalization and redevelopment. They take properties that are in decline, decayed, or just not used to their full potential, and they imbue them with beauty and forward thinking design. Dedicated to building towards the future, this developer believes in building green and sustainable buildings. Their projects are being outfitted with state of the art technology that works with nature, not against it. By using the heat that’s exhausted by air conditioners, they’re able save 30% on expended energy. This has impressed many in the community, including one of the the industry’s celebrities - Mike Holmes, who has chosen this condo developer as the very first to partner up with. With their dedication of design, revitalization, and sustainability, this developer will surely have a bright future.

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