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Master-Planned Community

A Perfect Community

Insightful planning and ideal conditions have created a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. As perfection personified, we won’t witness such an immaculate combination again soon.

Veraine is a mixed-use master-planned community. It is being made by Dorsay Development Corporation. It is bound by Highway 7 to the south and Westney Road North to the west. North Concession Road 8 serves its northern boundary. Lake Ridge Road marks its eastern boundary.

At over 4,000 acres in size, this massive development easily impresses with its massive scope. And yet, that’s not its most significant aspect.

Veraine represents the creation of a perfect community from the ground up. It is a holistic community in perfect harmony with nature, business, and its residents.

Veraine is a mixed-use master-planned community

It is located next to major job centres that include a proposed federal airport. It will become a major urban area that will welcome some 60,000 new residents and 45,000 new jobs.

This marks the high point of suburban living. Its beauty derives from a classic appreciation of form. It makes for a great place to purchase real estate. And it is all clearly laid out in its objectives.

Veraine is model community that takes a principled approach to home building. It looks to improve the lives of its residents as well as everyone else in the surrounding vicinity. It will provide value and worth through its harmonious approach.

This development will serve as a well-rounded, integrated community. It will act as an independent enclave. Here, residents and visitors can live, learn, work, and socialize within its borders.

These services will be enabled by a mixed-use town centre. This focal point will accommodate everything from high-rise living to shopping to entertainment. In addition to that, it will boost the economy by acting as an employment centre.

As well, this development will serve as a multi-generational community. Young and old alike will have access to a variety of housing, both in choice and affordability.

Naturally Natural

And yet, building a suburban utopia isn’t just about construction. As the ideal master-planned community, Verlaine aims to be resource-efficient. It will employ cost-effective solutions for its sustainability measures. In this way, this development will foster a thriving environment for everyone.

But environmentally-friendly practices doesn’t end there. This development looks to enhance surrounding forestlands. This will ensure they will be enjoyed by future generations.

As well, this development will adopt a holistic approach to urban planning. It looks to incorporate natural features alongside man-made green spaces. This will make for a more well-rounded city.

This development will ensure a lasting balance between its natural and man-made environments.

By the Numbers

The ambitious scope of Veraine can be clearly seen by its numbers:

  • 1,644 hectares/4,000 acre-site
  • 60,000 residents
  • 45,000 jobs
  • 17 schools
  • 6 community centres/libraries
  • 28M GSF commercial GFA
  • 57 kilometres of open trails
  • 578 hectares of open space
  • And there is still more. This community will feature a true north-south street grid orientation. This will be located in its northern quadrant. It will provide an optimized urban layout for solar light, heat, and energy.

    As well, Veraine streets will feature an open-space network. This will unite its disparate neighbourhoods. This comprehensive land use plan ensures a healthy and prosperous life for everyone.

    Pickering Airport

    This ambitious development is part of a greater plan. It will completely transform northern Pickering and bring unprecedented economic benefit.

    The first of these plans is the proposed Pickering Airport. It is situated just to the west of Veraine.

    Pickering Airport is set to become Canada’s newest international airport. It will help alleviate air travel pressures on Pearson International Airport. The aging Pearson airport is expected to reach capacity by 2038. And, as the first major airport in the eastern GTA, it is expected to boost the economy throughout the region.

    A new master-planned community in Pickering

    Pickering stands to greatly benefit from Pickering Airport. This will resemble the same way Mississauga has benefitted from Pearson Airport. In 2012, Toronto Pearson was responsible for $35.4 billion of Ontario’s GDP. As such, it is the second-largest employment district outside of downtown Toronto.

    The proposed Pickering Airport will have far-reaching ramifications. It will benefit GTA west, Durham Region and, especially, local residents of Veraine.

    Pickering Innovation Corridor

    The second big development coming to north Pickering is the Pickering Innovation Corridor. And, unlike the proposed airport, this future project is already coming to fruition.

    The Pickering Innovation Corridor is a 300-hectare high-tech zone. It will serve as the major employment area for the western GTA region. It is located immediately south of the proposed airport. It stretches along Highway 407 between York Durham Line and Brock Road. It is just 3 minutes away from Veraine by car.

    This job centre is expected to employ some 24,000 workers when it is finally complete. And although is still years away, this area has already welcomed its first tenants. Three companies will build 1 million square feet of new office, factory, and hotel space.

    These planned developments will provide immense value to local residents. Veraine property owners have the most to gain from these important regional landmarks.

    A Place to Call Home

    Veraine is an urban design model that sets the gold standard in every aspect. It puts the well-being of every person and business first. It will employ groundbreaking practices in environmental and social place-making. It is community-making at its finest.

    Veraine is an opportunity to do things differently. For this generation. And the next.

    Dorsay Development Corporation

    Dorsay Development Corporation is a Toronto-based real estate investment and development company. They have won numerous awards over its 30+ years of operation. It collaborates with select partners to deliver highly sought-after addresses. It is focused on providing both commercial and residential developments.

    Read more about Dorsay Development Corporation.

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