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New Condos Brantford

Why Should You Invest In Brantford Real Estate?

The City of Brantford is a great place to invest because it is increasingly becoming a destination with large tourist appeal and strong residential and business development opportunities.

With a population currently over 100,000, Brantford is attracting more attention for its affordable real estate when compared to other popular cities across Ontario such as Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughan.

The city is also attractive for its low unemployment rate when compared to both the national and provincial averages. In fact, in 2019 Brantford recorded the lowest unemployment rate in Ontario at 4.5%. And although the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic caused a dramatic rise in unemployment rates across the nation, Brantford was still able to maintain relatively lower than average rates when compared to other regions.

New Condos Brantford

Brantford is also a great place to buy real estate because of its relatively low vacancy rates, which were listed as one of the lowest in Canada. And while more populous cities like Toronto have even lower average vacancy rates, having an average vacancy rate in the City of Brantford below 3% (2019) means condo investors will be buying in a city where there is strong demand for rental properties. This strong demand will also allow them to charge higher rents than other comparable municipalities.

The city of Brantford is doing a great job of being able to attract people to the city by doing three things really well: providing affordable real estate, creating good job opportunities and bringing highly-sought after post-secondary educational institutions and partnerships into the city that attract an influx of student populations all seeking rental properties.

Average Condo Price for Brantford
The average resale price for all home types, including condos, in the City of Brantford is presently around $766,729. The average resale appreciation rate for the past 10 years has been 12.48% annually.

The average rental rate for the City of Brantford is presently $1,246. And the average rental appreciation rate for the past 10 years has been 5.4% annually. The demand for condos is still strong here as the vacancy rate currently sits at 1.3%.

The City of Brantford

The city is also home to popular historical monuments such as the Brant War Memorial Bell Memorial, and the Joseph Brant Monument. Families will also want to visit the Children’s Memorial Garden and The Great One sculptures that were added as public art collections over the past several years.

And residents and tourists are always excited to see the Brantford International Jazz Festival, which attracts over 20,000 people every year.

Brantford is a small but growing city that is located about 104 kilometres southwest of Toronto. The City of Brantford is surrounded by Brant County, but operates as a completely independent municipality.

It is nestled along the Grand River, which makes it a perfect location for water sports and activities such as canoeing and kayaking. And when it comes to attractions and events, Brantford has a lot to be discovered with entertainment experiences that will keep you engaged.

There are a number of diverse cultural, heritage, and local arts events to enjoy. The city has a variety of literary, performing and visual arts, galleries and museums that attract tourists year round.


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Accessibility / Getting Around

Located near Provincial Highway 403, the City of Brantford offers convenient transportation routes to major destinations and cities across the GTA and beyond. Residents will be able to get to Toronto or Niagara in about a one-hour-drive, which makes it a perfect destination to live while still being able to travel to other major municipalities.

Locally, the city offers regular Brantford Transit services that offer bus routes throughout the city. There are also GO Bus lines that offer quick access to the GTA and a VIA Rail train station that connects riders to other major destinations across Canada.


Brantford is also working hard to make more active transportation modes the option of choice for residents by creating more accessibility routes that accommodate walking and cycling to reduce traffic and congestion.

And for those looking to access major airports for flights to other popular destinations, a 30-minute drive gets you to the Hamilton Airport which is the city’s nearest airport.


List of New Condos in Brantford

Grand Bell
New Release Coming Soon
New Release Coming Soon
Development by: Lakeview Development Holdings Inc.
7 Erie Ave, Brantford, ON N3S 2E7
Condo Prices TBA
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Station Sixty Lofts
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Development by: Elite Developments
60 Market St S, Brantford, ON N3S 2E3
Condo Prices TBA
Move in TBA
Read More
310 North Park St
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Development by: Leschuk Developments
310 North Park St, Brantford, ON N3R 4L3
Condo Prices TBA
Move in TBA
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50 Market St S
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Development by: TBA
50 Market St S, Brantford, ON N3S 2E3
Townhome Prices TBA
Move in TBA
Read More

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Questions & Answers

Is there growth coming to Brantford?

There is tremendous growth coming to Brantford. In fact, Downtown Brantford is listed as one of the 25 Urban Growth Centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Downtown Brantford ’s population and job growth is projected to reach 163,000 people and 79,000 jobs by 2041. This growth will create more jobs and make the entire City of Brantford one of the best up and coming cities to live in Ontario.

What are the biggest job sectors in Brantford?

Brantford is known for having a strong manufacturing sector, as well as other professional office and retail services businesses. Currently, the manufacturing sector represents about 15% of the City’s local economy. Brantford’s economy is continuously growing and expanding with major employers such as Ferrero Canada Ltd.

Should I invest in Brantford?

The bottom line is Yes! When it comes to real estate investing, Brantford presents a prime opportunity to buy properties that are much more affordable than other major cities such as Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughan. The fact that average home sales have increased 23.1% in 2020 compared to 2019 means there is strong demand for housing. While the city has historically only built low-rise developments, there are more developments being proposed within the mid to high-rise condo segment.

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