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Community of Bolton

The Community of Bolton is showing incredible promise as a bright, new urban centre located in Caledon, paving the way for the future development of pre-construction condos.

Despite a population under 30,000 and a location in the far northern reaches of the Greater Toronto Area, this small village has recently become an exciting center of development with the arrival of several large companies. Infused with jobs and unprecedented economic prosperity, Bolton is well on its way to become the next boomtown of southern Ontario, a massive blooming that has been a long time coming for this deep-seated village that remains fiercely proud of its historical roots.

Bolton originated as “Bolton Mills” in 1822, so named by the father-son duo that erected the region’s first grist mill. Since then, the village has managed to retain many of its 200 year-old historical buildings, but Bolton largely stuck to its roots even as it became Caledon’s most populated community as well as its administrative and commercial centre where the town’s only large hotel is located.

With a land area of 11.15 square kilometers and a 2016 population density of 1,273 people per square kilometer, Bolton may have just been any other Ontario small town a few years ago. And yet, in 2017 alone, the village expanded exponentially. That year, Canadian Tire, Agrocrop Exports Ltd., and Mars Canada built more than 1.59 million square feet (148,000 square metres) of industrial space in Bolton, creating some local 1,100 jobs, a substantial number when considering most residents here commute elsewhere for work.As significant as this development is, the real change had already happened years before.Since 2015,

Caledon has issued building permits for approximately 958,000 square feet (89,000 square meters) of industrial/commercial space with a construction value of over $96 million. And, according to 2017 Statistics Canada, the number of Caledon business have increased by 36 percent since 2012, now totalling over 2,900 businesses in Caledon.

New Condos in the Bolton Community

Having experienced so much economic development in such a short time and, with more development sure to come, Bolton’s real estate market is set to heat up in a big way, especially when it comes to new condominium development. And as an increasing number of investors begin to notice this village’s true potential, even more development is likely to come to this village with a bright future.

Bolton is a rustic small town that is equally proud of its long history as well as its development into Caledon’s most populated and developed urban region that saw most of its new development grow alongside its oldest buildings.

Along with the recent inclusion of brand name stores like Walmart and Zehrs, central Bolton is now home to many local amenities that include a post office, two banks, coffee shops, bars, grills, restaurants, and even a pet spa. Meanwhile, this same area is also home to many historical buildings that date back to at least 1854, thereby exemplifying the pride with which Bolton has in its culture and history.

In this enlightened place, residents have easy access to Canada’s most extensive collection of Group of Seven artwork at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, located a 20 minute drive away in Kleinburg. As well, Bolton’s cultural activities include a weekly farmers’ market during the spring and summer as well as its annual fall fair in September.

Although they are not condos, the majority of Bolton residents own and live in their own homes, all due to an affluent lifestyle brought on by above-average earnings. The median income in Bolton is $62,257, well over the province-wide median of $55,000 while the median total household income is $109,600, well over the Ontario average of $74,000.

Despite its small size, Bolton is home to many conveniences and services befitting a much larger city, making it ripe for new condo development.

This family-friendly community is home to many schools that include James Bolton Public School and Humberview Secondary School as well as 65 parks such as Founders Park, Bolton Mill Park, and the local standout, Dick’s Dam Park. Additionally, residents can take full use of the area’s numerous nature reserves that include Cold Creek Conservation Area and Albion Hills Conservation Park as well as 260 kilometers of nature trails that include Bruce Trail, the Caledon Trailway, and the Oak Ridges Trail.

Bolton is unique as the small town where the urban and the contemporary unite around nature, making it ideal for the development of new pre-construction condominiums.

Although it does not have a 400-series highway of its own, Bolton sits in the middle of a major  transportation corridor that has greatly benefitted residents as well as the logistics companies that have relocated there.

Local motorists have easy access to Highway 50 and Highway 400. And although a car is necessary to perform most daily errands, residents have the option of commuting by GO bus that can reach downtown Toronto in ninety minutes.

At the present, Bolton does not have an in-city public bus system, though Caledon attempted hosting its own transit system in 2006.

Bolton Community

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List of New Condos in the Bolton Community

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