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Innisfil New Condos for Sale

Why Should You Invest In Innisfil Real Estate?

Innisfil is a Town located in Simcoe County, just off of Lake Simcoe on the west side. This rural town is south of Barrie and north of Bradford. Here, investors will find residential suburban developments, agricultural lands used for farming, picturesque views of the lake and close proximity to the beach.

Although the Town of Innisfil is quite large in size, the current population is small. This Town is 262 square-kilometres, roughly the size of the City of Mississauga. However, the population of Mississauga is 800,000 while the Town of Innisfil has a population of almost 37,000. This means that there is a lot of unused land with potential and room for growth. Developers are starting to see the future possibilities of this area and consider it a blank canvas that they can use to start building.

Town of Innisfil

In 2016, Stats Canada determined that Innisfil had a population 36,566, an 11% increase from 2011. Based on the data from 2016, the total number of people employed were 20,135, this averages out to an employment rate of 63.8%. Innisfil is known as a commuter town. In fact, 82% of Innisfil residents travel to the city to get to work.

But all of this is about to change - as a new master-planned community, known as The Orbit will be developed in the next few years. This incredible master-planned development will reshape the community, bringing in more jobs and increasing the population.

The Orbit: Innisfil - The Newest Smart City Master-Planned Community

The Orbit is the first master-planned community and Smart City coming to the region. This new development will use cutting-edge technology and a fast, secure fibre optic network woven in the community. Investors can expect this project to bring in 150,000 new residents while including office, retail, recreational and community space.

This development will be built by Cortel Group, working in partnership with the Town of Innisfil and designed by award-winning architectural firm, Partisans. This proposal was created with Innisfil’s Official Plan in mind, known as Our Place. This plan was established in 2017 and outlines how the town plans to grow in the future. This includes population growth, supporting new businesses and promoting economic prosperity, all while keeping the community connected and preserving the agricultural land.

A Smart City is defined as an approach that finds meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and communication technologies. The Orbit Master-Planned Community will include 40 million square-feet of space that will be centred around the up-and-coming Innisfil GO Station that will run on the Barrie Corridor toward Union Station. This development will essentially circle or ‘orbit’ around the GO Station. Each space will be built in increments and will include new condominiums, mobility, transit, community, arts, culture, new business, digital innovation, healthcare, shops and open spaces that will include parks, trails and easy accessibility to the waterfront.

The Orbit is the first master-planned community and Smart City coming to the region
Town of Innisfil New Condo Development

This master-planned community will be a place where future residents can eat, live, work, shop and play. Additionally, it will be a place where a rural community meets urban living, all while being connecting to cutting-edge digital technologies. This new development will shape the future of this town and will be a prime spot for investors to find their next big investment opportunity.

Read more about The Orbit: Innisfil.

Average Condo Price for Innisfil
The average resale price for all home types, including condos, in the Town of Innisfil is presently around $1,002,525. The average resale appreciation rate for the past 10 years has been 21.24% annually.

The average rental rate for the Town of Innisfil is presently $2,461.25.

Town Of Innisfil

The Town of Innisfil is approximately an hour north of Toronto and an hour south of Muskoka, making it a perfectly central destination between Cottage Country and the City. It is a rural and urban area that offers many local amenities including Tanger Outlet Mall, restaurants, big box stores and a recreational centre that includes a fitness centre, indoor pool, basketball court and a hockey arena.

Innisfil is also known for its stunning natural landscapes, it is surrounded by stunning greenspace and local farms that offer fresh fruits/vegetables, grain-fed meat, local eggs and honey. The Town is bordered to the west of Lake Simcoe, known as Innisfil Beach. During the summer, the beach is filled with residents and visitors alike, enjoying the sun, barbecue stations and the water-based activities.

As if all this wasn’t enough, a new development known as Friday Harbour Resort has just launched in this town. This development has been a decade in the making and has finally come to fruition earlier this year.

Friday Harbour was built by Geranium Corporation and Pemberton Group to create an urban oasis and weekend escape close to the GTA. It is a resort-style development with residential condominiums and townhomes that back onto a man-made marina. This development also includes a golf course, outdoor pool with a sun deck, grocery store, fitness centre, all lined by restaurants and retail stores.

The developers chose Innisfil to build this five-star resort because of the amount of vacant land that sits near bright blue waters and its green oasis surrounded by trees and nature's beauty. Residents and visitors here can enjoy this resort all year-round. The Spring-Summer offers activities in the water including boating, wakeboarding, canoeing/kayaking and sports such as golfing, tennis, volleyball and basketball. The Fall-Winter offers snowshoeing, skating, cross-country skiing and hockey. Friday Harbour is a place to live, eat, shop and play, all while being located on the edge of Lake Simcoe.

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Accessibility / Getting Around

Innisfil is located right off of Highway 400, making commutes to work quick and convenient. What makes this town so ahead of its time is its partnership with Uber. This partnership is the first-of-its-kind which started in 2016 when the Town of Innisfil was looking for an affordable public transit solution for their community.

The challenge was that there was so much land and such a small population. The idea of creating bus-dedicated lanes would have cost too much and the return seemed non-existent. So instead, the Town’s Council reached out to Uber to help create a transit solution and in May 2017, the Innisfil-Uber partnership was born, known as Innisfil Transit.

This development will essentially circle or ‘orbit’ around the GO Station

It offers residents a flat fare to ride to places throughout the region including train stations, recreational complexes and employment areas. Additionally, Uber will take off $5 for any rides beginning or ending in Innisfil. This partnership works off of Uber Pool which will pick up residents at different locations and drop them off at the same destination. This partnership is a cost-efficient and effective long-term transit solution.

While residents have the benefits of the Uber partnership to get around town, a new GO Station is also in the works. This station will run on the Barrie Line that takes residents from Barrie to Union Station while making stops in Innisfil, Bradford, Newmarket and Vaughan. The Innisfil GO Station will connect commuters to their place of employment or destination quicker than ever. Additionally, The Orbit Master-Planned Community will be centred around this GO Station.

There are so many benefits for investors to start looking in Innisfil as their next big investment opportunity. Soon this Town will be a thriving urban community.

List of New Condos in Innisfil

The Orbit Condos
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Coming Soon
Development by: Cortel Group
1475 6th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 4R2
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Questions & Answers

Where is Innisfill?

The Town of Innisfil is located an hour from Toronto, approximately 60 kilometres away while Barrie is just north and Bradford is directly south. Innisfil is a great location because it’s central between the GTA and cottage country. Wasaga Beach and Collingwood are less than an hour north-west and Muskoka is an hour and 10 minutes away in the north-east. Innisfil is just off of Highway 400, making it easy for commuters to get to their destination.

What are the benefits of investing in Innisfill?

This rural community offers lakeside amenities and incredible new developments including the Innisfil GO Station, The Orbit Master-Planned Community, one of the first smart cities in Ontario and Friday Harbour Resort, a year-long development that offers residential space, local amenities and water-based activities. These developments will increase the value of homes in Innisfil and will draw more people to the Town.

What is the community like in Innisfil?

Since Innisfil has such a small population, it has a tight-knit community. Neighbours are friendly, schools, community centres, libraries and recreational centres are close by and it is considered a virtually safe neighborhood. In fact, in 2018, Innisfil was considered in the top ten safest places to live in Canada. This is a great benefit for those that are looking to raise a family here.

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