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Investing Near Rapid Transit

Investing near rapid transit will add greater value to pre-construction developments because there is a high demand to live near transit corridors.

New Rapid Transit Lines
Image Courtesy of Infrastructure Ontario

New Transit Projects Are Underway

Canadian cities have been growing rapidly, but investments in public transit have not kept up with the pace. This has led to more traffic congestion and longer commutes for Canadians.

Soon, this will all change. The federal government will provide funding for new transit projects to help cities and communities plan for the future. The federal government will work with provincial and municipal governments as well as transit and policy stakeholders to develop yearly investments into new public transit projects. This includes new light rail transit lines, subway extensions and greater connections to Subway Stations and GO Trains.

Investing Near Rapid Transit
Image Courtesy of Infrastructure Ontario

Investing Near A Transit Line

Investing in a pre-construction development near a transit line or an upcoming transit line is important for any investor. These new transit lines will connect to subway stations, GO stations and future light rail lines, creating an all-encompassing transit system. Investing near these transit lines will increase real estate appreciation rates by 30%. This means that investors should look for pre-construction projects near transit lines that have been approved by the Government and the Ministry of Transportation. This way, investors will see the value of their property gradually increase once construction is completed.

With the transit system’s expansion, investors can expect many more pre-construction developments to be built near these corridors. This is because there will be high demand to live near these new transit lines. These new developments will maximize investment opportunities and support the success of the future transit system.

As the Greater Golden Horseshoe prepares for population growth, investors now have the opportunity to purchase a condo unit near one of these transit lines.

How The Government Is Supporting New Transit Lines

The Government of Canada understands how important it is to expand the current transit system. Investing in public transit reduces congestion on the roads, fights climate change and helps the economy by creating new jobs.

The Federal Government has announced that they are investing $26.8 Billion for four approved transit lines, including the Scarborough Subway Extension, the Eglinton Crosstown West, the Ontario Line and the Yonge North Subway Extension. These new transit lines will provide better connections to the current transit system and give commuters access to convenient transit in under-served areas. When construction is completed for these four projects, 6 million people across the GTA will have better access to transit services. Plus, with new transit lines in Toronto, Vaughan and the rest of the GTA, there will be over 1,200 kilometers of public transit routes.

The Government recognizes the importance of investing in transit infrastructure. It builds strong communities and gives Canadians a better quality of life. Therefore, the Federal Government will continue to invest in infrastructure projects that provide convenient transit to the growing population.

Rapid Transit Lines

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