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Your Smart + Simple Pre-Construction Market Resource

What Every Pre-Construction Investor Needs to Know

There are so many different reasons why investing in the Greater Toronto Area’s pre-construction real estate market is the best financial decision you can make. However, finding the right investment can be the tricky part. That is why our award-winning team has put together a comprehensive range of resource centres where you can find answers to some of your most pressing investment questions. Still need clarification? Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to chat.

  • Strategy for Buying Profitable Condos

    By Assessing Future Projections, We Can Help You Find the Right Development for Your Portfolio

  • Strategy for Buying Profitable Condos

    Location Is Key. We Can Help You Look for Neighbourhoods Receiving the Highest Returns

  • All You need To Know About Real Estate
  • Strategy for Buying Profitable Condos

    Investing in Pre-Construction Real Estate Is How You Can Make Your Money Work for You


Buying / Investing

Every real estate buyer is an investor. And like any investor, you are looking to make a smart buying decision that will optimize your investment in the future. Our all-inclusive Buying / Investing Resource Centre offers you everything you need to know to make that happen.

Check Out These Helpful Buying / Investing Articles

A landlord may require a tenant to purchase tenant insurance if something happens while renting their unit.

What Is Tenant Insurance?

Tenant insurance, also called Renter’s insurance, is a specialized form of coverage designed to protect tenants and their belongings. Although several coverages are available to condo owners, this one is specialized for renters who do not own the property. Further, it focuses on securing the contents of the home and also by providing liability protection.

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Under the Home Buyers' Plan, you can make withdrawals from your RRSP to buy a home

RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan

Learn how you can leverage your RRSP contributions to cover the downpayment for your first home purchase. This government program can be used in conjunction with other government incentives to make homeownership easier.

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The First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit helps buyers reduce the costs of homeownership

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit (HBTC)

Learn all about this tax credit for first-time home buyers, including who is eligible and how to claim it on your income tax form.

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Learn what ROI stands for and how to calculate it

How to Calculate Return on Investment on a Rental Property

Finding the return on investment is a crucial factor when considering a long-term investment into a rental property. Learn why and how you should calculate ROIs.

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Like any other real estate investment, pre-construction condominiums should not be considered a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a long-term asset.

Pre-Construction Condos as a Long-Term Investment Strategy

Pre-Construction condominiums are one of the safest ways to grow your money. Your investment increases in value from the first day you purchase the unit and will continue to appreciate over time. Check out our top reasons for investing in condominiums as a long-term investment strategy.

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Landlords have the right to raise their rent, which is why it is important for both landlords and tenants to know the rules regarding rent raises.

How Much Can Landlords Raise Their Rent

Landlords have the right to raise their rent, which is why it is important for both landlords and tenants to know the rules regarding rent raises. Read this article to learn more about how much you can raise your rent as a landlord.

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Platinum Access

Getting platinum access to pre-construction condominiums is the key to successful investing. As a member of our Platinum Access Club, you will benefit from getting access to floor plan choices before anyone, at the lowest price possible.

2023 GTA Market Snapshot

  • 12K

    Units Sold
  • -2%

    Avg. Condo Appreciation Rate
  • $1,403

    Avg. Unsold PSF
  • $2,964

    Avg. Monthly Condo Rental Rate

Assignment Sales

Simplify your assignment sale by knowing what to expect

Learning About Condo Market

Government Plans

We’re committed to helping you achieve your investment goals. Our Government Plans resource centre offers an uncomplicated look at municipal and provincial development programs and how you can benefit from investing where there is increasing property value.

Check Out These Helpful Government Articles

Places To Grow Act

Places To Grow Act

If you’ve ever looked around your city and wondered why and how all these condominium buildings under construction began popping up, you should know that a large part of it comes back to Ontario’s Places to Grow Act, which was legislated in 2005, followed closely in 2006 by the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

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TOcore - Plan for Downtown Toronto’s Future


Toronto’s high quality of life and economic opportunities have made it one of the fastest-growing cities in North America. The vision is that Downtown Toronto, also known as TOcore, will continue to establish itself as the cultural, civic, retail and economic heart of Toronto and as a great place to invest.

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Rendering of VMC the new downtown

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Growth Plan

The City of Vaughan has expansive growth opportunities and continues to establish itself as the premier destination to live, work, and, most importantly, invest.

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The Growth Plan

Learn about the Growth Plan before you sign on the dotted line

Learnimg About Government Plans

2023 Investment Opportunity Snapshot

  • 25

    Designated Growth Centres in the GGH
  • 1.5M

    New immigrants coming to Canada between 2024-2026
  • 730K

    Millennials need homes in the GTHA over the next 9 years
  • 1M

    New condos / homes need to be built over the next 10 years


TOcore is the new planning framework for the future of Downtown Toronto. Over the next 25 years, this vision will ensure space for the economy to grow and grow it will. By 2041, the population is projected to nearly double to a potential population of 475,000.

Online Condo Investment Seminar

At GTA-Homes, we provide our clients with a full-service experience. By registering for our Online Condo Investment Seminar, you will learn why investing in the pre-construction condo market is important for long-term financial success.
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