Brigitte Obregon

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Brigitte has been breathing and sleeping the real estate market for the past 15 years. She loves knowing and envisioning what the future could look like and that's why she is almost always analysing stats, charts, ROI's, infographics and anything relating to numbers and technology. She’s passionate about the pre-construction market and sees nothing but growth for Ontario. She believes we're all very fortunate to be living in one of the best countries in the world; particularly because of the potential, opportunities, massive and ambitious developments foster. She loves to brag about our city growth and she'll be sharing all this and more on Real Insights.
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SmartCentres And CentreCourt’s Top Producer Amalfi Trip For Transit City

After five days of networking, learning, seeing and working, we took a lot away about the industry and its exciting future.
Best Neighbourhoods For Students

These Are The Best Neighbourhoods For Students

Nearly every GTA neighbourhood is within reach to one of the universities or colleges — but they’re not all created equal.