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Condos, new family home

Why Are Condos Becoming The New Family Home?

Condos are't just for young professionals, new couples or students anymore!

Is Condo Living Right For You?

Condos are quickly taking over the city -- but how do you know if a condo is the right choice for you? There are a few points to examine.
Successful Pre-construction Buyers Secrets

5 Steal-Worthy Secrets Of Successful Pre-construction Buyers In Today’s Market

We want to share some of the tips we’ve learned over the years to snagging a unit in today’s pre-construction market.
The Shifting Trends In Condo Development

Our Guide To: The Shifting Trends In Condo Development

There’s no doubt that real estate developments in the GTA are in for a major shake-up. From population growth to demographic shifts to design...
Master-plan communities

Top 5 Reasons We Love Master-Planned Communities

Having conveniences at your fingertips means more time spent with your family and friends and, ultimately, more time to enjoy life on your terms.
New Toronto’s Waterfront Developments

These Are The World-Class Developments That Could Change Toronto’s Waterfront

Downtown Toronto’s waterfront is a mixed bag. It’s long been full of potential, but, sadly, never much of a destination for development. Despite being...
Developments Around The Eglinton Crosstown

15 Developments To Get Excited For Around The Eglinton Crosstown

The Eglinton Crosstown is on its way, which means the addition of an assortment of new subway stations to provide access to...
Home To The GTA’s Upcoming Luxury Developments

These Neighbourhoods Are Home To The GTA’s Upcoming Luxury Developments

These neighbourhoods have already made their mark in Toronto, and continue to maintain their reputation as trendy, chic hubs.
Rise Of Hotel/Condominium Buildings

What You Should Know About The Rise Of Hotel/Condominium Buildings

We completely support this modern twist that offsets the high cost of doing business in the energetic, urban core.
Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Developments

7 Developments To Get Excited For Around The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the perfect place to live by -- it’s a community on its own, but also makes it easy to travel into the city for school, job and social opportunities.