Yaseen Hemeda

Yaseen Hemeda
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Yaseen Hemeda is a real estate writer for GTA-Homes, analyzing micro trends and providing market analysis within the GTA real estate industry. Yaseen uses data analysis to assess government plans and provide guidance on buying and investing decisions. Yaseen holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and a Master of Business/HR from the University of Regina.
Canada Invests $15 Billion in Public Transit

Canadian Government Investing $14.9B for Public Transit Projects

The federal Liberal government recently announced that it will be providing close to $15 billion in funding towards new public transit projects...
The GTA's Q4-2020 Condo Market Report

The GTA’s Q4-2020 Condo Market Report

As the GTA’s new condo market experienced a lot of turbulence in 2020, it was also the first time that there were...
Should Toronto Condo Investors Buy Now or Wait

Should Toronto Condo Investors Buy Now or Wait?

The biggest question on the minds of any condo investor is this: should I buy now or wait until the COVID-19 dust...
GTA Q4 2020 Rental Market Report

The GTA’s Q4-2020 Rental Market Report

A new report released on Monday by Urbanation reveals just how turbulent 2020 was for GTA ’s purpose-built and condo rental markets. The...
Bill 197 Will Make Condos More Expensive for Investors

Will Bill 197 Make Toronto Condos More Expensive for Investors?

There’s a lot of talk lately about a new bill that was passed recently by the Ontario government that might make condos...
Toronto Urban Migration

Looking Beyond the Headlines: From Urban Exodus to Urban Migration

There is a great urban myth that is making headlines lately regarding the Covid-19 pandemic that suggests there is an urban exodus...
VMC Subway

New Report Highlights Massive Growth for Downtown Vaughan

In a recent report by the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Sub-Committee, new growth targets were identified for the VMC as a result of...
Q3-2020 Condo Market Report

The GTA’s Q3-2020 Condo Market Report

Although the Greater Toronto Area is still in pandemic mode, the real estate market is continuing to outperform at an impressive rate. In...
Master-Planned Communities Appreciate Faster Than Stand Alone Condos

Why Master-Planned Communities Appreciate More Than Stand Alone Condos

We’ve all heard the term “master-planned communities” in the pre-construction condo market, but what is it and why should investors care about...
Canada raises immigration targets

Canada Raises Immigration Targets to Record Levels, Eyeing COVID-19 Recovery

In a much anticipated announcement, the Canadian government has confirmed its commitment last Friday to increase immigration targets to record levels amid...