A Site Tour Inside Architectural Landmark, KING Toronto Condos

KING Toronto Condos' Site Tour

The KING Toronto complex will undoubtedly become a new architectural landmark for Downtown Toronto, so as construction at the site charges ahead, there was no better time for RAD Marketing Group, Westbank Corp and Allied Properties to set up a 2-day site tour.

The tour consisted of an exclusive group of Platinum Agents and Brokers arriving at the building's construction site and then attending a grand reveal at a Vaughan location. The 2-day tour was nothing short of amazing as we got to see history in the making.

Day 1

As we embarked on the construction site between Portland Street and Spadina Avenue in Toronto’s Fashion District, we were blown away by how far the construction had come. We could already imagine the innovative design by award-winning Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) coming to life.

The King Toronto construction site between Portland Street and Spadina Avenue
Pixelated structure that rises and falls

The proposal for KING Toronto Condos calls for a single, pixelated structure that rises and falls, creating four sculpted peaks and valleys. The ground level will have heritage buildings that will be restored and incorporated into this unique 2.34-acre project. The peaks range in height from 12 to 16 storeys and will be arranged around a public courtyard.

For this striking design, the building mass will be broken down into a series of modules that are angled to create a topography of terraced units with oblique views of the street. The slender peaks will be stepped back to allow maximum sunlight for both the courtyard and the street itself.

Aside from its innovative architecture, the KING Toronto Condo project has some other unique features, including many two and three-bedroom units and a structure featuring knock-out panels, which will allow smaller units to be combined to create larger units in the future if needed.

The development proposes 180,000 square-feet of retail space and 60,000 square-feet of workspace on the first three floors, while 514 dwelling units will occupy the upper floors. The unit mix is expected to consist of 65 studio units, 252 one-bedroom, 144 two-bedroom and 53 three-bedroom units.

As we moved into an indoor area of the site, a fascinating presentation ensued where we learned about the progress of the development, the milestones the project has hit so far, and the special buyer incentives for the month of September. Later, we socialized around the KING Toronto Condos’ scale model, enjoyed the ambience of the Shangri-La Hotel and gushed in anticipation for Day 2 of the tour. Finally, the night concluded with an inspirational speech from Westbank Corp’s founder himself, Ian Gillespie.

Day 2

As we set out to Day 2’s location in Vaughan, we saw a captivating, glimmering structure as we approached the event. There, towering behind RAD Marketing Group’s President and Founder, Riz Dhanji, was a recreation of a part of KING Toronto Condos for us to see in all its glory. While Dhanji gave a speech about his thrilling experience working on this historic condo development, we could not ignore the glowing structure behind him. It was breathtaking.

KING Toronto Condos' Site with a captivating, glimmering structure

The presenters referred to the structure as “the glass block” while explaining how the light will hit the building in a way that will illuminate and glow, which is much different from how condos in the city currently filter light. He also mentioned that the replica is actually 400 times smaller than what is to be expected from the KING Toronto Condos’ completed product.

The presenters referred to the structure as “the glass block”
the innovative design by award-winning Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group

According to the architects behind this design, the modern portion of KING Toronto Condominiums will feature brick, stone, precast concrete and glass, enhancing and complimenting the historic portion by providing a visually interesting contrast. Floor to ceiling exterior glazing and balcony doors for interior living spaces extend into the exterior spaces. Oversized balconies and terraces offer a private escape to the outdoors. A variety of fully integrated planters, both small and large, will be within selected terraces. In addition, cable trellis systems with special attachments to the building facade will be incorporated into the design.

KING Toronto Condos is definitely on our radar as we cannot wait to revel in the success once the building is complete. But, for now, we ended Day 2 with the opportunity to explore "the glass block" as live music played in the background.

KING Toronto Condos' Site Tour

As a neighbourhood designated as a "regeneration area" by the city (meaning the area is poised for growth and modern transformation), those who have purchased at KING Toronto Condos will benefit significantly from both the existing neighbourhood amenities and those to come--making investing here a wise decision. Plus, with new suites released and buyer incentives available for our clients, there is no better time to invest here than right now.

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