10 Boutique Condos Coming To The GTA

New Boutique Condos


The GTA is packed with high-rise condominium developments. These skyscrapers are usually grandiose in stature, and boast stunning aesthetics that usually include a minimalist grey scheme with chic glass panelings. However, these aren’t the GTA’s only urban developments -- the boutique mid and low-rise condo is getting more and more popular.

The city will be seeing a copious amount of projects headed to its different neighbourhoods, and a lot of them will be boutique sized, making for a luxurious yet quaint lifestyle. These buildings will be popping up all over the city -- and investors will definitely want to make note of this trend shift.

The city needs stunning sky-high buildings, but lets not forget the smaller buildings that are large in quality, location and amenities.

Here are the boutique developments headed to the GTA in upcoming years:


The Westmount Boutique Residences


Slated to add to the North York neighbourhood in 2021this mid-rise will be steps away from Bathurst Street. This contemporary boutique building stands out from the high-rises in the area, and is distinctly unique largely because of its modest size but quality amenities. Quadcam designed the project with their tradition of SMART building and efficient design in mind. This strategy allows them to help build and maintain “green” communities for a sustainable future.


UOVO Boutique Residences

uovo boutique

  • Address: 2114 Yonge St
  • Developer: The Sher Corporation 
  • Height: 11 Storeys
  • Units: 67
  • Layouts: 49 One-Bedroom & 31 Two-Bedroom Suites
  • Size: 626 Sq. Ft. - 1,432 Sq. Ft.

Toronto’s booming Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood -- much thanks to the upcoming LRT -- is seeing an influx of developments, but this boutique project is uniquely trendy and both developed and designed with attention to detail. Complete with a scenic rooftop terrace, this tower slated for a 2020 occupancy date boasts a design that’s the brainchild of RAW Design -- one of the city's trendiest urban architecture firms.


DuEast Boutique East Residence


  • Address: 34 Tubman Street
  • Developer: The Daniels Corporation
  • Height: 11 Storeys
  • Units: 119 Units
  • Layouts: One Bedroom - Three Bedroom
  • Size: 574 Sq. Ft. - 1,099 Sq. Ft.

This boutique development is an addition to a not-so boutique sized Regent Park Revitalization master-planned community. The small but mighty tower projected for a 2020 birth date is the perfect addition to the award-winning plan. It’s truly what the Regent Park community needs to help roll out its impressive plans for urbanization.


9th & Main Condos + Towns


  • Address: 1750 Ninth Line
  • Developer: Pemberton Group 
  • Height: 8 Storeys, 2 Storeys
  • Units: 212 Condo Suites, 34 Townhomes 
  • Layouts One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom & Three-Bedroom Units
  • Size: 630 - 2,200 Sq. Ft. / 1,510 - 1,975 Sq. Ft.

This development headed to Stouffville is comprised of two low-rise towers, making for a smaller scale project that is prominent in its modern aesthetic and intriguing location in an up and coming neighbourhood north of the GTA. Even with the addition of two-storey townhomes, the project coming in 2021 maintains a detailed, modern, exclusive boutique energy.


346 Eglinton Avenue West Condos

346 eglinton avenue west

  • Address: 346 Eglinton Ave W
  • Developer: Terranata Developments
  • Height: 15 Storeys
  • Units: 112 Units
  • Layouts: 32 Bachelor Suites, 37 One-Bedroom & 43 Two-Bedrooms
  • Size: TBD

This modestly sized by dynamically designed development is the perfect addition to the rapidly populating Eglinton strip. This neighbourhood is seeing many changes with the building of the Eglinton Crosstown and this quaint tower brings a unique energy to the strip of high-rise towers. We don’t yet know the project’s final occupancy date, but register with us for updated information!


The Manderley Condos


  • Address: Manderley Dr & Kingston Rd
  • Developer: Core Development Group
  • Height: 10 Storeys
  • Units: 120 Units
  • Layouts: TBD
  • Size: TBD

This urban mid-rise will be gracing Scarborough’s Birch Cliff neighbourhood. We don’t have a confirmed occupancy date yet, but what we do know is that this contemporary development is the perfect addition to the Kingston Road stretch that is seeing some serious -- and exciting -- changes.


4155 Yonge Street Condos

4155 yonge street condos

  • Address: 4155 Yonge St
  • Developer: 
  • Height: 14 Storeys
  • Units: 64
  • Layouts: 8 One-Bedroom, 31 Two-Bedroom & 25 Three-Bedroom Units
  • Size: 1,055 Sq. Ft. 1,927 Sq. Ft.

The established, prestigious neighbourhood of York Mills is about to see a warm and stylish addition, in the form of this boutique residence. The new development fits in perfectly with the mature aesthetic of existing homes in the area, while bringing something new. The project signifies up and coming change to the already coveted area, involving more unique towers. With a subway station around the corner, this is a stand out neighbourhood that promises to keep up with trends by constantly making urban additions.


2908 Yonge Street Condos

2908 yonge street

This development comprised of two-bedroom and three-bedroom units boasts a small amount of suites that are all uniquely spacious in comparison to today’s common condo units. We don’t yet have an occupancy date, but what we do know is that the tree-lined neighbourhood of Lawrence Park South will make the perfect home to the project.


880 The Queensway Condos

880 the queensway

  • Address: 880 The Queensway
  • Developers: Lormel Homes
  • Height: 8 Storeys
  • Units: 101
  • Layouts: 3 Bachelors, 58 One-Bedroom, 30 Two-Bedroom, 10 Three-Or-More Bedrooms
  • Size: 377 Sq. Ft. - 1,022 Sq. Ft.

This modest sized development boasts a contemporary red-brick-and-glass design, making it ideal for the up and coming The Queensway neighbourhood in Etobicoke. Complete with an expansive rooftop terrace, we can’t wait for this development that may be small, but is large in impact. Although we don’t yet have a set occupancy date for the project, be sure to regismots-first-smokeless-condo-building/ster with us for updated information.


Bungalow On Mercer

mercer street

  • Address: 24 Mercer St
  • Developers: Kalovida Canada Inc.
  • Height: 18 Storeys
  • Units: 19
  • Layouts: 13 One-Bedroom Units, 5 Two-Bedroom, 1 Three-Or-More Bedrooms
  • Size: 699 Sq. Ft. - 2,260 Sq. Ft.

This boutique development is unique in size, housing only 19 units. The project will see a 5-storey base, with a tower reaching an additional twelve storeys. Yes, you read that right -- each storey will house a unit. Headed to the Entertainment District in 2021, this project is slated to stand in one of the neighbourhood’s quieter pockets.