20 Stunning Lobbies From Upcoming Developments

You never get a second time for a first impression -- which is why developments put so much into their lobby. The lobby is the first thing residents, visitors and potential buyers see when they walk into a building.

Lobbies can make a lasting impression with how they design and position seating and their front desk. Most strive for an entryway that feels trendy, modern and -- most importantly -- inviting.

A good example of the impact of a lobby is Art Shoppe Condos, the Yonge and Eglinton development from Freed Developments and Capital Developments that has sold all 652 of its units. The development's units sold for an average price of $650,000 per unit according to The Toronto Star.

There are always up and coming developments headed to our flourishing GTA whether it be in the suburbs, midtown, or the city’s downtown core -- so we did the work for you to round up some of the stunning lobbies headed your way.

Here are the renderings for some of the dynamic lobbies you can expect to see in coming years:


Era at Yonge Condos

era lobby

Developers: Pemberton Group

Interior Designer: Tanner Hill and Associates

This spacious open concept lobby sets the tone for the luxurious lifestyle promised by this tower. The addition to the ERA master-plan community is chic and elegant -- and its stunning space is slated to come to life in 2021.

Art Shoppe Lobbies

Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos

Developer:Freed Developments and Capital Developments

Lobby Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

This sold out development's success is largely attributed to its stunning lobbies designed by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld. His touch helped bring some much deserved attention to this upcoming Yonge and Eglinton Development.


9th & Main

9th & main lobby

Developers: Pemberton Group

Interior Designer: Pemberton Group interior design team

This mid-rise is bringing a heavy dose of class and luxury to Stouffville in 2021. We love how this main space ties together pinks, blacks and grey for a chic, modern look. Everything about this lobby screams new and exciting, while also maintaining a relaxed, inviting vibe.


The Humberside Condos

Humberside Lobby

Developers: VANDYK Group of Companies

Interior Designer: U31 Inc

This use of grey and comfortable -- yet unique -- seating sets the tone for a relaxing and modern energy. The minimalist colours but quirky furniture make for a stand-out set up that is sure to intrigue investors and residents. The communal seating really inspires engagement and a community feel. It’s time to get excited about this development coming in 2019.


East United

East United Lobby

Developers: Signature Communities, Berkshire Axis Developments and Andiel Homes

Interior Designer: DesignAgency

Sophistication meets modern in this space that boasts upscale seating and a fun blue-green colour scheme in its floor detailing. This swanky lobby is a strong indication of the lavish lifestyle the upcoming development promises. We only need to wait until 2019 for this to come to life in the St Lawrence neighbourhood and we’re counting down the months!



Playground Lobby

Developer: Fernbrook Homes, Cityzen Development Group and Greybrook Realty Partners

Interior Designer: Studio Munge

With a name like “Playground,” there should be little surprise that this development's lobby is fun with bright colours that evoke a positive, engaging energy. Prepare for a big splash of colour and personality when the development comes to be in 2020.



uovo lobby

Developer: The Sher Corporation

Interior Designer: EsQape Design

This stylish lobby blends dark reds with sophisticated blacks and greys. The gold accents really tie the space together, reflecting the development’s luxurious nature.  Although, the marble front desk is the true scene stealer of the space scheduled to come to life in 2020.


Auberge On The Park 2

Auberge On The Park Lobby

Developer: Tridel and Rowntree Enterprises

Interior Designer: II BY IV DESIGN

We may have to wait for 2022 to see this lobby standing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gush over the beautiful balance of colours in the space. Somehow the blacks, greys, pinks and dark greys all come together to exude class. It’s mix of colours may make it chic and modern, but it’s the use of different materials like marble and geometrically designed coffee table that make it stand out as uniquely cosmopolitan.


357 King West

357 King St West Lobby

Developer: Great Gulf

Interior Designer: figure3 Interior Design

Sometimes, simple really is best. This sleek lobby boasts a clean, chic design that really speaks for itself.  It’s warm, inviting and isn’t as overwhelming as some larger than life entry points in developments. We love the brown hues and look forward to the project coming to fruition in 2021.


Markham Square

markham square lobby

Developer: Ideal Developments and ONEPIECE Developments

Interior Designer: Patton Design Studio

This two-level lobby doubles as an expansive lounge that will greet residents and visitors when they enter the development. The projected black furniture makes for a sleek look that is lightened by the greys incorporated into the colour scheme. We love the ample seating as well, which really invites for conversation and hang out time in the communal space. 2021 can’t come soon enough for us to see what this lounge will look like upon completion.



Garden District Condos

garden district lobby

Developers: The Sher Corporation and Hyde Park Homes

Interior Designer: Dochia Interior Design

We love the regal feel of this lobby that incorporates browns hues with gold accents. The lobby is incredibly well suited to the development coming in 2023 that involves the repurposing of a heritage building.



WEST Condos

west condos lobby

Developers: Aspen Ridge Homes

Interior Designer: Mike Niven Interior Design

Projected for a 2020 build, this development boasts a cozy yet modern lobby that we can’t help but love. The colour scheme, the wood accents, the long front desk, what’s not to like? It’s enticing for residents and visitors walking through the door, and evokes an undeniable warm and fuzzy feeling.



YongeParc Condos

yongparc lobby

Developers: Pemberton Group

Interior Designer: Tanner Hill Associates Inc

The pastel purples in this lobby effortlessly tie together the open space, adding something unique to the modern greys, whites and blacks. The open concept space is lavish and represents what the 2021 development is all about.


Selene at Metrogate

selene at metrogate lobby

Developers: Tridel 

Interior Designer: Graziani Corazza Biase

2020 will bring us this development that boasts a particularly stand-out entryway that features stunning gold posts. The lobby provides a design that is both inspired by classic architecture yet maintains a modern look.



Evermore at West Village

west village phase 3 lobby

Developers: Tridel

Interior Designer: Graziani Corazza Biase

While modern grayscale lobbies with minimalist designs seem to be a trend, we love how this development incorporated patterns and a colour statement with its red printed seating. We just can't wait until 2022 to be greeted with such vibrancy. For now, we are swooning over how breathtaking it will be.    don’t know quite yet when this bold lobby will stand, but be sure to register with us for updates!




bloorvista lobby

Developers: Tridel


2019 will bring us a dynamic lobby packed with colour. We love Bloorvista’s projected grey furniture with accents of different materials and colours (i..e wood detailings and a fuchsia pink printed rug).



Oak & Co Condos

oak & co lobby

Developers: Cortel Group

Designer: Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc

There is something about a grayscale colour scheme that is so clean cut and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We love the classic look of this development coming in 2020.


Lumina at Emerald City

Lumina Lobby

Developers: Elad Canada

Designer: Tanner Hill and Associates

Complete with a fireplace and statement lighting, this lobby is brings elegance and class to a minimalist design. The open space offers the perfect tease to the luxurious and lavish lifestyle the development promises for when it arrives in 2021.


Saisons Condos

saisons lobby

Developers: Concord Adex

Designer: Page + Steele IBI Group Architects

The floor length windows open up this lobby, providing a spacious and open feel to the development. The space balancing greys, reds and white are slated to hit North York in 2020.


St. Lawrence Condominiums

st lawrence lobby

Developers: Cityzen Development Group & Fernbrook Homes

Interior Designer: Tanner Hill Associates Incorporated

Complete with a minimalistic grey colour scheme and decorative columns, this lobby boasts a classic look we just love. The abstract lighting fixture is the perfect touch to the entryway that is slated for the 2019 development.


Indigo Condominiums

indigo condo lobby

Developer: Pemberton Group

Interior Designer: Tanner Hill Associates Incorporated

There is something to be said about how colours pop against a grey-black colour scheme. We love how the bold-coloured seating and projected artwork choices add personality to this luxe lobby.  We can’t wait for this dynamic design to come to life in Vaughan in 2019.