Are Smart Homes A Smart Investment?

Are Smart Homes A Smart Investment

Toronto has become one of the fastest growing technology hubs in North America. According to CBRE’s 2017 North American Tech Talent Report, the city added 22,500 new tech jobs between 2015 and 2016. As a result, Toronto has hastily transformed into a tech town and has earned the nickname, “Silicon Valley North”. With a tech scene where businesses run on a 24/7 schedule like Amazon, Google, and Uber-- all of which have or plan to have an office based in Ontario-- consumers are faced with erratic work schedules and are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives.
The answer? A more connected “smart home” and community is one of the ways to accomplish this.

So what is this “smart home” stuff all about?

Americans surveyed by Coldwell Banker Real Estate said that “smart” meant the home had advanced security features like smart locks, alarms and cameras, smart thermostats and fans, smart lighting systems, and smoke detectors, while Canadians surveyed by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) added energy-efficient features to the list. The report also pointed out that there has been a rise in the level of excitement around smart homes with millennials leading their parents at 79% of them showing interest in smart home technology.

The fact is that today’s purchasers are educated and they want their homes to be as smart as they are. Developers of these high-tech buildings and “smart homes” have answered the call by making everyday tasks like entering and exiting your home, managing temperature settings and security, hosting guests and receiving packages easier than ever before. And as a growing number of consumers no longer have landlines or cable, homeowners can rely on voice and data connectivity within the building as well as mobile app-enabled conveniences from anywhere in the world.

Super small condos have been the topic of conversation in the City of Toronto recently as online publication, blogTO released a piece called, “The Newest Toronto Condos Are Now The Size Of Walk In Closets”, but the reality is that technology has replaced living space as we head into the future of high-tech living.

There are a number of developers adding smart living options to their roster of projects, here’s our list of favourites:


Luxury Condo Yonge & Eglinton

Y&S Condos
Tribute Communities
2161 Yonge St., Toronto
Tentative Occupancy: 2023
Selling Now

Features that underline the city’s increasingly valuable status as a leading destination for technology in real estate can be found at Yonge & Eglinton’s new, highly-anticipated condominium.

  • All residents will receive an electronic encrypted security device by which they will gain access to the building
  • Access control from lobby vestibule to communicate with resident from individual suites
  • Security camera monitoring in underground, lobby, and elevators
  • Category 5 voice and data wiring and RG6 coaxial cable wiring in living/dining, kitchen, bedroom(s) and den (as per applicable plan)


New Condo Kitchener

Young Condos At City Centre 
Andrin Homes
120 King St. W., Kitchener
Tenative Occupancy: 2021
Selling Now

At Young Condos, smart living and cost savings go hand in hand. That’s why Andrin Homes has included an array of sustainable smart living features:

  • Smart LED lighting uses less energy and lasts longer too
  • A high-efficiency heat pump saves on heating bills
  • Plug into savings with state-of-the-art EV charging stalls to charge electric vehicles


Luxury Condos Burlington

Valera 2 Condos
ADI Developments
4880 Valera Rd., Burlington
Tentative Occupancy: 2022
Selling Now

Valera has been so successful that by popular demand, and ahead of schedule, Valera 2 is selling now. The building, also known as V2 will feature exceptional smart home features such as ADI Home+ smart-building technology which has integrated:

  • Keyless entry
  • Climate control
  • Security and mobile app-enabled conveniences from the in-suite digital wall pad or from anywhere in the world via your mobile device


Luxury Condos Mississauga

TANU Condos 
Edenshaw Developments Limited
21-21 Park St. E., Mississauga
Tentative Occupancy: 2021
Selling Now

This high-tech project comes outfitted with smart home technology that allows you to access your home technology functions from anywhere in the world:

  • Communicate with visitors with live, one-one way video from the lobby or parking garage
  • Keyless entry
  • Advanced License Plate Recognition System
  • Lightning Fast Internet
  • Automated Parcel Notification
  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Motion controlled garage to conserve energy
  • Energy savings
  • Thermostat control through smartphone or in-suite touchpad
  • Security system control through smartphone or in-suite touchpad
  • Lighting control through smartphone or in-suite touchpad
  • Receive notifications when your door is locked or unlocked for extra security protection
  • Book facilities, access suite manuals, check weather and building updates all from your in-suite touchpad or smartphone app


Luxury Condos Mississauga

M3 Condos
Urban Capital Property Group & Rogers Real Estate Group
425 Webb Dr., Mississauga
Tentative Occupancy: 2023
Selling Now

Living in a building developed by Rogers means the latest in hi-tech security. Each suite will come equipped with a pre-installed Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Package, including:

  • Smart door lock on suite entry door
  • Alerts, alarm notices sent directly to your smartphone with Rogers Smart Phone Home Monitoring App
  • Motion sensor
  • Door sensor
  • Smart thermostat
  • Rogers Ignite high speed internet service including wifi modem and unlimited data usage
  • Pre-wired telephone and cable outlets in living areas and bedrooms
  • Fibre feed to each suite, 4K and IP TV capable


Luxury Condos Etobicoke

Evermore at West Village
10 Eva Rd., Etobicoke
Tentative Occupancy: 2022
Selling Now. Phase 2 Coming Soon

Evermore’s smart home technology makes everyday living simpler by keeping your homes connected, secure and smart:

  • Hands-free entry
  • Temperature control
  • Live, one-way video from the lobby or parking garage
  • License plate ID
  • Temporary E-Keys for when you require someone to enter your suite when you are away - such as a neighbour, dog-walker, electrician - which allows them temporary access using their phone
  • Lightning fast internet
  • Secure parcel delivery lockers


Luxury Condos North York

King’s Landing 2 North Tower  
Concord Adex
Leslie St. & Sheppard Ave. E., North York
Tentative Occupancy: 2022
Selling Now

Concord is renowned for innovative, green energy infrastructure in North America. Among the leading technologies built in King’s Landing, residents can expect:

  • Smart storage features
  • High-speed EV charging options
  • Smart Learning temperature controls
  • Automatic touchless car wash
  • Refrigerated parcel storage for home deliveries
  • Wireless charging stations
  • High-speed internet fibre
  • Clean energy producing community


Luxury Condos Markham

Riverview Condos
Times Group Corporation
Birchmount Rd. & Hwy 7, Markham
Tentative Occupancy: 2021
Selling Now

The future looks bright for Markham with the Time Group's newest development, Riverview Condos. This project is smart and connected to tomorrow with technology that delivers improved comfort, more efficient operations, reduced energy consumption, lowers operating costs, and longer life of utilities through smart building features:

  • Smartphone-controlled common areas
  • Automated parcel delivery
  • EV Chargers - Electric vehicle charging stations
  • License plate recognition at parking garage entrances
  • Smart lighting reduces energy consumption and costs
  • Building Automation System that controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning to keep costs down
  • Advanced Wi-Fi with ultra-high 150 mbps internet
  • Keyless entry to lock and unlock your suite door’s smart lock
  • Wall pad home control for connecting with the building’s concierge service, see & speak video chat to welcome your guests, suite heating and cooling, event and building notifications as well as weather updates.