Reina Condos: Canada’s First All-Female Development Is Coming To Toronto

Reina Condos

For the first time in history, Canada will be seeing a new condo development made up of an all-women team. This new development is called Reina Condos and will be located on The Queensway in Etobicoke. Reina Condos will offer a new, female perspective on condo development from construction, architecture, design and layout. The project will be completely designed and developed by women.

Taya Cook, Director of Development at Urban Capital and Sherry Larjani, Managing Partner at Spotlight Developments, connected when Cook read an article that spoke about the leaders in condominium development, most of the people featured in the article were men. At that point, Cook noticed that there was gender inequality in the industry. When she partnered with Larjani, their dreams became a reality seven months later when they recruited a group of women from many areas of the industry including architects, project managers, urban planners, engineers and market researchers to work on this project.

Additionally, ManLing Lau, Vice President of Sales at MarketVision Real Estate Corp., is well-versed in the pre-construction condominium industry and has over 20 years of experience managing marketing and sales of over 48 projects. Lau is another key member of the Reina Condo development.

Reina Condos Logo

The term 'Reina' translates to Queen in Spanish, making this name quite fitting for this type of development. We have no doubts that these women are making a big impact in the industry. Cook and Larjani say that this project is 100% collaborative, not only are the women working together, they are hosting an event this summer to work with potential buyers. They want to create something new and fresh, incorporating ideas from people that have experience living in condos.

Over the past few years, real estate development has mainly been a male-dominated industry and the team at Reina Condos want to break those barriers and recognize women while eliminating gender inequality. Their goal is to show young women that it is possible to build a successful career in real-estate development.

“We’re embarking on this project to create more visibility for women in real estate development, and to inspire younger women to see career possibilities. It’s a huge industry and a massive economic driver for the region. For some reason it has been seriously lagging behind in gender equity. Women have been prominent in all sorts of roles and they are doing fantastic work in this industry, but our accomplishments aren’t well-recognized,” says Cook in a press release announcing the project. “We live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, and our built environment should reflect that. It’s no longer just the condo kings who are impacting our city.”

Reina Condos will be located in an emerging, family-friendly neighbourhood in Etobicoke. Cook and Larjani believe that the site has everything they are looking for including many schools within close proximity, lush parks, quaint shops and unique dining and entertainment experiences. This neighbourhood is close to the downtown core but has a small town feel. It is a perfect spot for young families looking to make a transition to a good neighbourhood. The area is also perfect for young professionals, that want to leave the bustling city after work hours to come home to a peaceful neighbourhood.

“Etobicoke has a lot of young families looking for good homes. The site gave us everything we wanted – proximity to great schools, expansive parks, and wonderful shops and restaurants. It allows for true family-friendly urban living, and we’re excited to reveal our team’s vision in the coming months,” says Cook.

Reina Condos Family Friendly Community

Reina Condos will also have a design consultation this summer, another first for the industry. This collaborative event will be used to share ideas about the amenities and features in the condo and will ask purchasers and investors to provide their feedback about what they want to see in the condominium.

Reina Condos is reinventing the industry and bringing a new vision and new approach, by being collaborative and listening to the needs of their clients, they want to “create a building that truly accounts for everyone’s needs, from women to families to investors.” To learn more about this development, click here.