The Upcoming U of T Medical School Breathes New Life Into Scarborough

New Life Comes to Scarborough in the Form of U of T’s Upcoming Med School
An artist’s rendering of SAMIH, which will be constructed at UTSC. (Courtesy of the University of Toronto)

The University of Toronto, ranked the #1 university in Canada year after year, has just submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment application to develop an exciting new 6-storey building on its Scarborough campus (UTSC). Acting as the Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH), this project will address the region's dire shortage of family physicians and medical specialists. This is a monumental occasion as it will be the first medical school in Scarborough. Investors should note that this project will increase the already high demand for housing in this area, elevating this neighbourhood from a great investment opportunity to a golden one.

The Future is Boundless

UofT is known for its history of excellence, and this med school will be no different. SAMIH will train a future generation of life-saving healthcare providers in the eastern GTA, providing Scarborough and Durhan region with much-needed medical experts. With so many exciting firsts, investors across the GTA are keeping a close eye on this development's progression.

The Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health will be built in Toronto's Highland Creek neighbourhood on the north side of UTSC, at the intersection of Morningside Avenue and Military Trail. Just south of the Toronto Pam Am Sports Centre (TPASC), it will be designed by gh3 and have a total floor area of 163,364 square feet.

UOFT Scarborough

This new medical school's ground floor will feature convenient public-facing retail units, including eateries and a pharmacy, creating a lively, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere that students will love. Students will also adore the building's rooftop patio, where they can study between classes while enjoying some fresh air and an incredible view. Floors two through six and the basement will house lecture rooms, clinical facilities, study rooms, and office spaces. With so many great features, how can any potential med student resist this school?

We know from the documents put forward with the application that SAMIH's construction will align with UTSC's dedication to sustainability. There is a focus on optimizing the carbon in the structure, foundation and facade. Furthermore, the new addition will meet the University of Toronto's Tri-Campus Energy Modelling and Energy Performance Standard and the requirements of TGS v. 4 Tier 1 by using high-quality building materials chosen for their strength, longevity and eco-friendliness.

Rendering of SAMIH's Interior
An artist’s rendering of SAMIH, which will be constructed at UTSC. (Courtesy of the University of Toronto)

Military Trail will be realigned for the construction of this new development, extending it on the development's north side from Pan Am Drive to Morningside Avenue. This realignment will create a car-free pedestrian walkway that will act as UTSC's spine and provide students with a charming street on which to travel to and from class. Cars will be provided a new road connection with access to UTSC's Parking Lot H. Bicycle parking will also be supplied. With these new features, students can choose from various transportation options, allowing them the freedom to choose what suits them best.

The Transportation Hub Every Student Dreams of

This location is well served by reliable public transportation. Two TTC buses travel to Line 2's Victoria Park Station and Kennedy Station which connects Line 2 with Line 3. Moreover, the planned Eglinton LRT east extension will have three stops near SAMIH. Can you tell why we think students will come swarming to SAMIH?

A Promise of Prosperity

This excellent addition to Scarborough's campus provides the foundation for rapid urban growth that will further cement Scarborough's position as a bustling district with a robust and stable economy that is an excellent place to live or invest.

Street View of SAMIH
An artist’s rendering of SAMIH, which will be constructed at UTSC. (Courtesy of the University of Toronto)

SAMIH is just one part of the University of Toronto Scarborough's broader Master Plan, attracting private sector partnerships and investors. Once completed, this Campus Master Plan will create thousands of jobs directly and indirectly. Not to mention, this development pumps millions of dollars into the region's economy.

The Campus Master Plan will create:

  • 4,890 full-time jobs during the construction period
  • 650 full-time jobs directly at UTSC and the private sector
  • 900 to 1,300 jobs within businesses indirectly connected to the project
  • $40 million every year in wages and salaries
  • $160 million towards provincial and federal tax revenue
  • $67 to $89 million added to the region's economy

This kind of boom will create interest in this neighbourhood among working professionals and young families looking to live near their jobs and urban amenities. There will be incredible growth in the area within the next couple of years, so investors will want to keep an eye out for upcoming condo projects.

More Students Means More Eager Tenants

The SAMIH will enrol hundreds of students, adding to UTSC's already impressive enrollment of over 14,000.

At full enrollment, SAMIH annual graduates will include:

  • 30 Physicians
  • 30 Physician assistants
  • 30 nurse practitioners
  • 40 physical therapists
  • 300 life science students

These statistics are vital for real estate investors as they prove that there will be plenty of willing tenants in the form of students and faculty looking for a home in the surrounding area. Investing in areas surrounding educational hubs like this one always guarantees a steady return on your investment. Furthermore, medical professionals graduating from UTSC will want to settle down nearby where everything is familiar, creating additional interest.

Rendering of SAMIH's Street View
An artist’s rendering of SAMIH, which will be constructed at UTSC. (Courtesy of the University of Toronto)

Current projects we're currently selling around SAMIH are Highland Commons, Perch Condos and East Pointe Condos, a great opportunity for investors to invest today for tomorrow's growth.

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