These Are The Best Eco-Friendly Developments Coming To the GTA

Eco-Friendly Developments

Sustainability is fastly becoming one of the most important considerations for real estate developers in the GTA. There are numerous agencies that evaluate and oversee the sustainability of any project being built, but LEED is the most well known overseer in the industry. Buildings are typically ranked of a medal basis, with buildings aiming for a minimum of LEED Certified, while the more ambitious developers shoot for LEED Platinum Status.

There are many reasons why a developer would be interested in building eco-friendly projects. It may be for noble reasons like trying to preserve our planet, or maybe it’s just the bottom line of reduced energy costs that come from more sustainable features. Whatever the reason, many buyers are preferring to invest in greener projects, and developers are not blind to that phenomenon.

So here are the top eco-friendly developments coming to the GTA:


Bayside Toronto

bayside toronto eco friendly

  • Location: 255-295 Queens Quay East
  • Developer: Tridel, Hines
  • LEED Status: Platinum
  • Occupancy: Starting 2018

Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting communities coming to Toronto. Bayside Toronto is being developed by Tridel, a developer who prides themselves in being one of the greenest builders in the GTA. They’ve won the Green Builder of the Year Award at the BILD Awards for 4 years running.

Tridel is bringing their sustainably focused methods to the GTA’s waterfront with this marvellously designed Bayside Toronto master-planned community. In addition to its spectacular views of Lake Ontario and tremendous amenities, the projects at Bayside have been outfitted with notable eco-friendly measures. Tridel has teamed up with Tower Labs to implement the revolutionary GaiaSoil into their green spaces. This is a lightweight growing medium combined with recycled waste-material that will allow deeper soils to be planted on green roofs across the city, allowing for more diverse plant life.


Regent Park

Regent Park

  • Location: Dundas Street East
  • Developer: Daniels Corporation
  • LEED Status: Gold
  • Occupancy: Starting 2017

This is another effort from Daniels Corporation, and it’s one of the most transformative master-planned communities in the entire GTA. Despite its proximity to Downtown Toronto, the Regent Park neighbourhood was largely overlooked for decades. This changed when the city teamed up with Daniels Corporation to revitalize the area.

The new Regent Park has been built to LEED Gold Certification Standards, which is an impressive feat for a master-planned community. They’ve also included community garden plots so you can plant your own garden. It even has an electric car charging station, something we expect to see more often in the GTA.


East United

east united eco friendly

  • Location: 95 Berkeley Street
  • Developer: SigNature Communities
  • LEED Status: Gold
  • Occupancy: 2019

This is another one of the most anticipated projects coming to the GTA, and it’s located in the eastern side of Downtown Toronto — mere footsteps away from everything that makes big city living so great. It’s being built by SigNature Communities, who’s another developer passionate about building green communities.

Their eco-friendly building practices can be seen in East United’s LED lighting, motion sensors and low volatile organic compound (VOC)-emitting paint. These commitments could be one of the major contributing factors to East United being one of the fastest selling projects in downtown.


Daniels Waterfront

daniels waterfront eco friendly

  • Location: Queens Quay East and Richardson Street
  • Developer: Daniels Corporation
  • LEED Status: Gold
  • Occupancy: Starting 2019

This is another master-planned community developer that’s implementing cutting edge sustainability techniques. This time around its Daniels Corporation, who constantly strives to push the boundaries in eco-friendly building practices.

They pride themselves on being ‘green’ before it became a selling point in the industry, and they’re still working to find new ways to influence green innovation, including trailblazing urban agricultural initiatives that incorporate farmers’ markets and urban allotment gardens.


Downtown Markham

downtown markham eco friendly

  • Location: Downtown Markham
  • Developer: The Remington Group
  • LEED Status: Gold
  • Occupancy: Starting 2019

Moving a little outside of Toronto, let’s take a look at the Downtown Markham project that’s become one of the most dynamic opportunities for investors. Markham is fastly becoming the tech capital of Canada, even earning the name Silicon Valley North. In order to accommodate this growth, the Downtown Markham master-planned communities is bringing thousands of new homes in to the new urban centre.

This place is being developed in a responsible manner, too. They’ve planned on preserving 72 acres of natural land, making it a convenient natural landscape for nearby residents. The community also had to undergo Remington Group’s Environmental Quality Control program– Downtown Markham will end up being the largest group of LEED-certified buildings on the continent, which means it’s eco-friendly and sustainably designed.