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Developers on instagram

Social media can be challenging to maneuver, especially for a brand. Companies are putting more and more emphasis on being present across the internet’s platforms — especially Instagram. Now, pre-construction developers especially are spending more and more time trying to make their mark on the every-changing platform. While some need some help with this, some developers are wowing us with their game.

As Instagram is an inherently visual platform, companies can struggle to create a user friendly aesthetic that generates likes and follows. Succeeding at Instagram is a balance of consistency in posting, posting at peak times, and — of course — posting quality, unique content.

We at GTA-Homes work with many development companies that produce quality projects, but there are a handful that are using social media, specifically instagram, to elevate client awareness and use the internet to reach out, engage and update.

These developers make sure our Instagram feeds are full of all the recent information for upcoming developments, stunning interior shots of the city’s upcoming luxury towers, and scenic pictures of the GTA’s neighbourhoods both upcoming and established.

These are the developers that are wowing us on Instagram with their presence, quality of imagery and user engagement:


Tridel does an incredible job showcasing their position in the community as a seasoned developer. They constantly post pictures of their staff working hard, as well as stunning snaps of their upcoming high-end developments. The best thing about following Tridel is getting to see their developments in all the different stages of construction. Having them on your feed truly feels like you’re gaining insider knowledge of the stages of creating a condominium building in the GTA.


Marlin Spring

From their consistently updated blog to their perfectly aesthetic instagram posts, Marlin Spring has a strong grasp on the internet. They understand how readers and clients like to receive information and imagery — and especially what kind of imagery people are likely to connect and engage with. Their Instagram boasts a chic theme and minimalist colour scheme. However, Marlin Springs sets itself apart from other developers and condo specific instagram accounts by distinctly integrating pastel colours to create a homey vibe to their trendy condo stagings. They are incredibly active, posting well suited images to their account on a daily basis.


Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes’ distinct blue-grey colour scheme is the perfect addition to anyone’s Instagram feed. It sets the developer apart from other brands on the platform, and gives them a unique edge. Follow them for interior inspiration, countless luxury condo snaps, and beautiful views of the city.



Follow Menkes on Instagram for constant updates on the construction of their luxury buildings. The brand is incredible at snapping photos of the construction and development process, giving an insight on the industry and its processes. Followers can expect fun event pictures, chic condo stagings, and both videos and snaps of the construction progress of their various projects.


Plaza Corp

Plaza has achieved what so many brands strive for on this platform, and that’s visual unity. They incorporate the red of their logo in all their images, uniquely branding all their posts to make them stand out as explicitly theirs. The developer stays current by incorporating modern looking condo stagings, chic exterior shots, and pictures at events signifying their relevance in the community. We particularly love all their collage posts that are comprised of some of the city’s trendiest spots.


Great Gulf

Great Gulf maintains a stunning, unified aesthetic that complements every new post. Gracefully transitioning from white colour schemes to blues, this developer has an eye when it comes to visuals — and this makes them the perfect candidate to succeed on the instagram platform. They are incredibly present in the industry, and never fail to take pictures of the events they both attend and host, one of the most recent being their Great Condo Event.


i2 Developments

We love how quirky and fun i2Developments is on Instagram. Their signature “i” has paved the way for some expert branding across the platform. Additionally, they have achieved the ideal balance of branded imagery, posts of neighbourhoods, and condo interior shots. They provide a nice variety of images that helps them to stand apart from other developers. Instead of solely posting rendering images, they really try to post a bit of everything, while still maintaining a unified theme. They are posting more and more frequently, which means we can only expect more of this developer on Instagram.


Lash Group Of Companies

The Lash Group Of Companies not only posts images of their upcoming developments, but offers sound real estate and moving advice through their posts. The developer often posts moving tips, and updates on fun things happening in the city in proximity to their projects. They are engaging, interactive and ask questions to their followers. They don’t stray from showing the behind-the-scenes aspect of the construction of their condominiums, as they often snap pictures at construction sites and events alike. We love how real this developer is, and how all of their posts are unique and serve a variety of purposes from stunning interiors to posts celebrating their 60th anniversary.


Greenpark Group

Greenpark Group has a wide range of upcoming developments in the pipeline, and it’s Instagram is representative of that. The developer fills followers feeds with modern interior shots that inspire us to spruce up our own spaces. If you follow this developer, you will be able to enjoy a daily dose of beautiful shots of upcoming condo projects, and exterior shots of current projects selling to ensure you won’t miss any listings.


Skale Developments

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This developer understands how Instagram operates. They fill feeds with aesthetically pleasing, minimalist shots of luxurious developments around the world. They maintain an instagram-friendly greyscale colour scheme that incorporates stunning skylines, effortlessly chic interiors and scenic exterior shots. They add the perfect balance of rustic vibes and trendy, inspirational aesthetics to our Instagram feeds.