Talking Alba Condos With The Milborne Group

Talking Alba Condos With the Milborne Group

As Mississauga continues to experience a huge increase in demand, there's no better time for Edenshaw Developments to launch their highly anticipated project to the Platinum Access Community. Ontario is facing an estimated shortage of 200,000 rental units over the next 10 years.

But this doesn't mean that Edenshaw is producing an ordinary condo project - it is one that is at the heart of Mississauga’s growing city centre, Cooksville Mobility Hub and South Mississauga. From here, residents will have easy access to lakes, parks and trails.

Located on the south-east corner of Hurontario & Central Pkwy – Alba Condos is being built in one of the most connected addresses in Mississauga. In fact, people even call it the Yonge Street of Mississauga.

If you're an investor, you might be wondering why you should purchase here? Well, for starters, Alba Condos is being built close to the best transit networks in the city. Every real estate investor knows that purchasing near transit almost guarantees you'll see an appreciation of 30 to 40 per cent more than local competitors.

But, that's not all. The most important reason to invest in Alba Condos has to do with massive population growth that will increase by over 100,000 people over the next 20 years.

Just imagine - there is over 18 million square feet of development coming to Downtown Mississauga and over 6000 residential units being built within only a 1-kilometre radius of Alba.

With all that is coming to this part of Mississauga, we had to sit down with Edenshaw Developments' partner, Milborne Group, to talk about Alba Condos and why it could be one of the best condo investment opportunities in Cooksville.

The following is a partial transcript of the key highlights of our interview between Kimberly Jeffrey, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Milborne Group, her colleague, Anthony D'Angelo, who is Milborne's Sales Director and GTA-Homes' Sales Manager - David Vu.

GTA-HOMES: We know that investors are returning to the pre-construction condo market, but for those who are still on the fence, what message can we share with them?

KIMBERLY JEFFREY: For those who are on the fence, what I would personally say is, don't wait. Get in now. We've been talking about the pre-construction market for the last decade and consistently hearing time and time again, "prices are going up, let's wait", and I've had this experience multiple times as I've also been doing this in pre-construction for the over a decade. I've had purchasers who've come back or agents who I speak to, and they go, "Kim, I should have bought that unit when you told me to. I should have". And think that what's happening now with everything that we are seeing, this is just going to continue. Prices are going to continue to go up, and I think this is the time to buy.

GTA-HOMES: Can you tell us about the Edenshaw and Milbourne Group collaboration?

KIMBERLY JEFFREY: Milborne Group has been in the pre-construction industry for the past 45 years. They've had a relationship with Edenshaw for a very, very long time. We've collaborated with them on numerous projects. The first one I think that we worked on with them was Chaz (condos) in Yorkville, in Toronto, probably over 10 years ago, and then we've also been involved in their Tanu Condos, which is in Port Credit. And last year we did a really successful project with them at Westport Condos, also in Port Credit. We really, really love working with Edenshaw in particular because of the type of builder they are. The quality of the product they produce, and how they care about what they bring to the market. The locations that they chose. And how they think about their purchasers. Everything is down with the user in mind. And they are a fantastic builder.

GTA-HOMES: There are so many different opportunities out there in the pre-construction condo market. What makes Alba Condos stand out amongst the rest of them in this area?

ANTHONY D'ANGELO: Aside from choosing an Edenshaw project, I would say that the major factor or the best reason to choose Alba is the location. We're a 7-minute walk from the Cooksville GO Station. We have a future LRT right at our doorstep. So it's easy to get into the city centre. It's only about a 5-minute drive -- 2 stops on the LRT, and if you wanted to get to Port Credit and Mississauga's waterfront, we're only an 8-minute drive from there. So I think (Alba's) location is hands down one of the best and well connected in all of Mississauga.

KIMBERLY JEFFREY: Also, what I think is fantastic about this particular location is that it is at the centre of Mississauga. Anything that you could want from an investment standpoint, whether it is access to transit. Whether it's access to parks and amenities. Whether it's access to employment. Alba is at the centre of it all. Mississauga is going through so much transformation that Alba is perfectly situated to give you easy access to any type of lifestyle you want, and that is why I think it is so special.

GTA-HOMES: We know that Edenshaw builds all across Ontario, but they do have a big footprint in Mississauga. What do you see as the future for this area?

KIMBERLY JEFFREY: Again, when we talk about Alba, we talk about it being in the centre of two massively transforming and growing communities. You've seen the demand that Downtown Mississauga has been experiencing over the last few years. You're looking at over 18 million square feet of development happening just steps away. Just surrounding Alba itself, you have over 6,000 units that will come within a 1-kilometre radius of the site. But just the immediate location and the bigger location of Mississauga, in general, has infrastructure in play, and the demand that it has is massively growing in every sector. Again, in the transit sector, the development sector, the employment sector, there is just so much change and growth happening.

GTA-HOMES: And lastly, for our GTA-Homes viewers who are eager to get a unit here at Alba Condos, when is it launching, and how can they get access?

ANTHONY D'ANGELO: I would say reach out to an experienced Platinum Agent like yourself or Brigitte - the entire team at GTA-Homes. That way, you can get some of the best services in the industry and also be able to have the best chance at securing a unit that they are looking for.