Talking “Arte Residences” With Kash Pashootan

Talking Arte Residences With Kash Pashootan

Arte Residences is 18 storeys of bold, creative and thoughtful designs that transcend the ordinary to become a mighty monument of contemporary luxury. With a bold fusion of indoor and outdoor amenities, Arte embraces new solutions and renounces traditional labels.

Thanks to the mastermind, Kash Pashootan and his team at EMBLEM Developments, Arte is reimagining how we work, live and play. And this is first and foremost possible because of the location. This exceptional development is located between Dundas St. W and Hurontario St. in the transit-oriented area of Mississauga.

In addition to the location being one of the most connected intersections in Mississauga, businesses are also booming here. The area is already home to over 75 Fortune 500 companies and 98,000 businesses. Mississauga's employment market is projected to grow from 477,000 to 590,100 by 2051 - a 24 per cent increase.

Investing in an area with a growth plan is an easy way to anticipate what an area's future will look like. In this case, Mississauga's Dundas Connects Master Plan guides future urban growth and intensification along the Dundas Street Corridor, which means that Arte Residences makes for a uniquely successful investment opportunity.

Recently, we sat down with EMBLEM Developments' CEO, Kash Pashootan, to get the inside scoop on Arte Residences.

The following is a partial transcript of the key highlights of our interview between Kash Pashootan, CEO at EMBLEM Developments and Broker of GTA-Homes - Brigitte Obregon.

GTA-HOMES: Something that stands out for me is your obsession with designing exceptional spaces. You talk about the different colours of whites and how the light touches every angle of the room. Can you let our viewers know how this obsession came to life in what you are bringing to Arte Residences?

KASH PASHOOTAN: For us at EMBLEM, we talk a lot about design, and when we talk about design, we're very clear and very intentional. We articulate what we mean by that, and design for us is really focusing on the details, looking at different finishes, the materials, the relationship between them. All of this consideration is put in place for one reason, which is to invoke that "it" feeling. And we talk a lot about that "it" feeling, and for us, the "it" feeling is when you walk into a space, and it feels really, really good. Often we don't know why it feels great, but it doesn't matter because that feeling in itself is so powerful. For us as a developer, we believe that the most important accomplishment or the greatest thing that we can achieve is to deliver that "it" feeling. And that's what really makes a building feel special and feel different than everything else that's being built around it. So everything we do from designing the exteriors, the interiors, the suites, the amenity space is all focused around, "how do we evoke that 'it' feeling?". So there's two parts that have to come together. There's the design. And you do have to obsess about the details and how different materials are going to have to relate or not relate to each other, but then you also have to be committed to investing in quality materials… You need the quality of materials to be there. And sometimes, the difference between two materials is so subtle, but if there is enough of that subtleness added up over the span of a project, that's the difference between just a building and something that feels special. And that's everything we've done in creating Arte Residences which we're very excited to be bringing to market.

GTA-HOMES: What made EMBLEM Developments invest in top-notch, top quality for Arte Residences?

KASH PASHOOTAN: It starts with who we are. When we design a building, we are looking at the profitability, of course, and we are looking at it as a project, but really that is not what is on the forefront. We have a 20 - 30 year time horizon, and for us, we don't look at one building on its own. We look at the collection of buildings that we are doing. So for us to invest in quality materials and for us to invest in working with the best trades and consultants in the industry is a multi-building investment, and we don't look at it 'If we extract a return on that investment just for this one building'. So as you said, Brigitte, you see that across the entire project from the design all the way to the finishes. You know, the brick that we are using on the outside of this building is the exact same brick that is used in the most expensive neighbourhoods in Toronto. It's not common to see, for example, that type of finish brought forth in a suburb market or an up and coming neighbourhood, but that's how we approach every aspect of design and every aspect of our finishes.

And that's just one example of hundreds of different things we've done here to create distinction. That's why when you look at an EMBLEM product or an EMBLEM building, project, renderings, anything that has to do with our brand - It always feels a little bit different than the norm. It always feels a little bit more special or unique, and it's not because we've used some sort of extreme colour or finish; it's just the aggregation of quality materials combined with a real focus on design.

GTA-HOMES: After looking at your floor plans. How are you able to use every inch of space in each floor plan?

KASH PASHOOTAN: The short answer is 78. 78 is the number of renditions. We went back and forth with our architect on the suite designs. We had a great key plate to start with, but we went back 78 times to tweak it so that we were able to achieve what we did with 1 Jarvis and Artform as well, which are efficient designs across the board. Buy our smallest unit or our largest unit or anything in between, and you will be able to use every square inch of what you've paid for.

GTA-HOMES: Arte Residences is being designed with the globally renowned Daniel Mazzone. What does that do for the architectural design, features, amenities and the project as a whole? How does that add value?

KASH PASHOOTAN: Working with Daniel was very natural for us. I've known Daniel for 4 to 5 years. I've had him do a piece of work for our family. We love his work. But what is interesting is that Daniel Mazzone is an artist that is very synonymous with EMBLEM as a brand and as a developer. And what I mean by that is if you look at Daniel's work, he often takes an icon, a classic figure, whether it's a past president, an athlete, an actress or an actor, and he produces art around that icon that's classic but then makes it feel very modern. To combine something that is classic and timeless and make it feel modern and, most importantly, have it feel natural and not awkward is exactly what we set out to do with every EMBLEM project.

Our buildings have a timeless feel; however, they have a modern overlay to them. Again, it's this achievement of taking timeless and making it feel modern but, most importantly, when you're done, for it to feel natural. You know, five years from now, and there are five other projects besides Arte. Arte will always be known as the Daniel Mazzone building.

GTA-HOMES: What can you tell us about the amenities?

KASH PASHOOTAN: Amenities have always been important. With what we've been through over the last year and a half, amenity space in condominiums are more important than ever. There will be over 22,000 square-feet of amenity space that future homeowners will be able to enjoy, but what's most important is that we've been very intentional about how we've designed this amenity space. So the commitment to outdoor amenity space here is unlike any other project that's available right now in Mississauga.

There will be an outdoor fitness studio and private outdoor dining. What do I mean by private? We have living green walls that will give you privacy in that outdoor dining space. We have a few of those in the building. We have outdoor and indoor coworking spaces. Built-in presentation screens in the walls so you can really work outside as well as inside. And then, of course, the rooftop bar. We have the indoor party room space, but again the ability to be able to host friends and family in an outdoor setting that's luxurious and state-of-the-art design and modern.

GTA-HOMES: Why Did you choose this location in particular?

KASH PASHOOTAN: For us, being in the investment management industry for the last 22 years, we have a lot of experience identifying great investment opportunities. We know what it looks like-- what it smells like to identify an opportunity with appreciation potential, whether it is in the stock market or it is in the real estate market. For us, the area is so opportune because of the fact that it checks all of the boxes. Here you have the best entertainment, dining, shopping within Mississauga. You're close enough where you can get there in 5 minutes, but you're far enough where it doesn't feel like you're in the centre of that 24/7.

And then transit is, of course, a big part of the investment thesis for any condominium project and for this building here, not only do you have access to one major transit line, you have access to two. You have the Hurontario LRT, and you have the BRT. Both are within a two-minute walk from the building.

GTA-HOMES: For our viewers who want access, who can they reach out to?

KASH PASHOOTAN: It's been very rewarding for us to already see the demand we have for the project, and we think over the next two weeks that's only going to build. And so, for our viewers, if they are interested in learning more and, most importantly, having access to the unit that they want, they have to work with one of EMBLEM's trusted partners. Brigitte for yourself, David Vu and your team, we've really appreciated working with you in the past. Your team is so professional and organized. You guys ask a lot of questions and really look for the best projects for your buyers. So, if viewers are interested, they should contact you directly because certainly you and the team will have direct access to the floor plans-- to the units, and most importantly, pre-construction pricing.