Talking “Azura Condos” With Capital Developments’ Matt Young

Matt Young Capital Developments Interview

Azura Condominiums is on its way to the charming Willowdale neighbourhood of North York. At 15 Holmes Avenue, the tower will soon hold one of the most coveted addresses as it will stand just south of the Finch Subway Station. Investors will want to quickly take note of this development's tentative occupancy of 2022. We anticipate that suites here will be suitable for all lifestyles, serving residents who work and study all around the GTA.

Recently, we sat down with Matt Young, VP of Development at Capital Developments, to discuss their latest project. Check out the video down below for more on the spectacular, Azura Condos.

Azura Condos By Capital Developments - The Cool 10 Interview By GTA-Homes: TRANSCRIPT

GTA-HOMES: Hello GTA-Homes viewers, in this episode of the COOL 10 we will be discussing the highly anticipated project, Azura condominiums, in North York. We're here at Capital Developments' headquarters, and we'll be speaking with Matt Young, VP of Development. Not only will this project sit on a prime TTC subway line at Finch station but it will also rise 32 storeys topped off with a luxury penthouse in a quickly urbanizing and expanding neighbourhood. Let's check it out.

GTA-HOMES: What was the vision for Azura Condominiums?

MATT YOUNG: The vision at Azura was to really deliver the best value and the best overall offering in the market. We didn't look at any one area in particular. We started with a great location and then we wanted to focus on all the other elements that make a project great -- from great suite designs, beautiful architecture, amazing amenities, access to parks, access to transit and we've tried to deliver all of those in one really great package.

Matt Young And David Vu : Cool 10 By GTA-Homes

GH: What will Azura Condominiums add to this pocket of North York?

MY: I think that one really noticeable thing is that it's bringing really beautiful architecture to the area. If you look at a lot of the projects that have happened at Yonge and Finch in the past there hasn't been a lot of really spectacular architecture and Azura is very striking compared to anything else in this area so we think it's going to help the building stand out and ultimately help improve the value of the building over time.

How do you see this area after Azura is completed?

GH: How do you see this area after Azura is completed?

MY: Well, every area we've ever invested in we've always felt very bullish in where the area was going. If you look at where we started in Yonge and Eglinton with 155 Redpath, now that that project’s finished and you see what the areas like today, it's completely changed. We see more new restaurants coming in, more employment coming into the area, more new residential spaces coming into the area and we think Azura is really going to stand out and help improve the area.

GH: IBI Group has an impressive resume, tell us what it is like working with them?

MY: IBI are just amazing professionals and they've been so good at executing projects and they also come with a really exciting vision for every project they work on. We are very, very excited to work with them on this one. They had a great design and concept for the exterior of the building and they've also been very, very efficient in executing and designing and moving the project forward, so we were able to bring the project to market as quickly as possible. It's been great working with them.

Azura stand out and it will it complement and blend into the community

GH: Will Azura stand out or will it complement and blend into the community?

MY: The building is definitely going to stand out. I think the architecture is stunning. It's very different from anything else in the area. There's wavy balconies around the entire building, it's got a very organic form and the architecture was actually designed around the interior suite layouts. So when we design the suites, you know, we skin the building in a way that would make it look very handsome, but also very very efficient. We think the architecture is going to be a highlight of this project.

GH: What was the mindset when designing the suites at Azura?

MY: Well for starters, we did a lot of analysis when we thought about what suites we should be designing in this project. We looked at all of our past projects that we've done in Toronto and looked at what the best selling units were in each different product categories. So what was the best selling One-bedroom? What was the best selling one plus den or one plus flex? What was the best selling two-bedroom and what we tried to do was plug and play those units into the floor place so we could maximize the best units possible and that's really what we did. We designed the floor place from the inside out. We took our best units and plugged them in and we think as a result of that, it's going to create more value in the project for buyers.

What are the amenities planned for Azura?

GH: What are the amenities planned for Azura?

MY: We've got a great list of amenities for the project, I think actually the most important thing to think about is the neighbourhood as an amenity, I mean, we're a four minute walk to the subway, we have a park on-site, all of those things are great amenities that you as a resident of this building get access to. And then on top of that, the amenities inside the building are beautiful. All of the amenities on the ground-floor have double height ceiling so it's gonna feel very grand, very luxurious and we've got a mix of amenities for different people. So we've got you know, a fantastic gym, we've got a chef's kitchen upstairs with a beautiful outdoor terrace area. We've got a really spectacular party room, we've got an amazing kid’s playroom. So if you're a young parent and you've got children, you've got a place for them. We also have things like dog wash stations and other little, little things around the building that are really unique too.

What is your favourite feature about the Azura building

GH: What kind of demographic do you see living here?

MY: You know every project we do, we always try and look at who we think the buyer is and the one thing about this area we think it's a really broad demographic. We think there's going to be downsizers, move-up buyers, first-time homebuyers, students and young families. It's really a building designed for everybody and when we design our amenities and the unit layouts, we design them with that in mind. We designed to provide products and features in the building that would appeal to a lot of different people.

When will Azura launch and how can someone get Priority Access?

GH: What is your favourite feature about the building and why?

MY: I think my favourite feature is the interior design. When you see the renderings that eventually come out for this project, the interior design is spectacular. It's modern, it's contemporary, but it's got a very luxurious, rich feeling to it. I think it's going to be timeless and it's gonna really help this project stand out from other projects. So to me, that's the most exciting thing and that's not just in the amenities, in the common areas, but also in the suites from the kitchen design and bathroom design. It's something that IBI did a really great job on and we're excited to show it to you guys.

GH: When will Azura launch and how can someone get Priority Access?

MY: So our target is to launch this spring and you know whenever we launch projects, we've always worked with the brokerage community who supported us on past projects. So I would say to get access to this project, it's important to have a relationship with a broker or broker team who's involved in the project and who's got a relationship with us.

MY: I'm Matt Young and this has been the COOL 10

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