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With Distrikt Trailside, Oakville’s beauty and premier livability are taken a step further. This 6-acre, master-planned community of condominiums, two-storey lofts and townhomes is nestled amid verdant parks with connectivity at your doorstep. There's never been a better time to invest in the rapidly growing community of Oakville and that is why we sat down with Eric Kuzuian of Kuzuian Real Estate to discuss all the benefits of owning at Distrikt Trailside.

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Distrikt Trailside by Distrikt Developments - The Cool 10 Interview By GTA-Homes: TRANSCRIPT

GTA-HOMES: Hello GTA-Homes viewers, welcome back to another episode of the COOL 10. In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Eric Kuzuian, President of Kuzuian Real Estate to discuss Distrikt Trailside Condos.

This highly-anticipated project coming to the ever urbanizing suburb of Oakville will offer 4,200 sq ft of commercial space at ground level in addition to a laundry list of building facilities.
Here’s what Eric had to say about the brand new building and neighbourhood.

GTA-HOMES: Who is Kuzuian Real Estate?

ERIC KUZUIAN: I'm Eric Kuzuian, we've been doing this for about 12 years, we do specialize in development, marketing and sales for developers, taking projects from conception and designing what would be the best for the marketplace, is what we specialize in as a marketing company.

GH: Tell us a little bit about Distrikt Developments

EK: Distrikt is amazing, they have taken a strong foothold in Oakville, understanding the opportunity in Oakville, they just recently completed a project called the Sixth which was about 80 townhouses that kind of flew off the shelf. Distrikt Trailside is their second endeavour as a project in Oakville and they have Distrikt Trafalgar which we're looking to do next year as well. So in addition to Oakville, they have some key sites around the city-- Islington Village, and Forest Hill. So an exciting developer who's done this for ten plus years believes in quality, design, collaboration and sees it through perfectly.

New Condos Oakville

GH: Why Oakville? What can buyers expect from this neighbourhood?

EK: Oakville is very exciting. The uniqueness of 2,500 square feet of parkland plus access to the lake. The schools are impeccable, both on the private and public side. The technology, the hospital, there's so many reasons as to “why Oakville”. Safest place in the GTA as a neighbourhood and Macleans’ just actually released a new article yesterday where they compared 415 of the top communities across the whole country and Oakville was number 4. Money Sense Magazine, number 1, in the last two years of places to live, so there's so many reasons to why Oakville is exciting.

Distrikt Trailside Lobby

GH: What is the vision behind Distrikt Trailside?

EK: So the vision behind Distrikt Trailside is to take kind of where Oakville traditionally is, kind of like a very colonial type of heritage area with beautiful shorelines and a gorgeous downtown that's quite historic. But adding a little bit more of a modern flair to what condo living in Oakville can be. So you're looking at beautifully designed amenity spaces, beautifully designed features in the suites that traditionally you didn't see in Oakville. So very urban kind of approach to a very historical type of neighbourhood.

407 Dundas St. W. Condos Oakville

GH: Can you tell us about the floor plans? Everyone wants to know what kind of offerings will be available?

EK: We have floor plans in a traditional building ranging from all different types of units to all different unit sizes. What's interesting about this project is that the penthouse and lower penthouse will have 10-foot ceilings, we also have two-storey executive suites that have 11-foot ceilings on every level plus their own private rooftop terrace. In addition to that, we have some units that have their own garden suites and then in the condo we have areas from 530 square-foot one-bedrooms to 1,400 square foot three bedrooms plus den.

Distrikt Trailside Amenities

GH: Can we talk about price point and the amenities being offered at Distrikt Trailside?

EK: Very competitive in terms of where the price is. The difference is the offering is far superb compared to what you've seen being offered in the Oakville marketplace. The technology aspect, which we'll get into. The way the amenity spaces are done-- we're talking about double-height ceilings in the lobby, a fitness studio that is double-height ceilings, spin studio, pilates studio, dog wash station, a residence lounge, terrace that oversees the trails and the pond behind the site. A games room, a dining room, it's endless. And in regards to the two retail spaces on the ground floor that is also programmed for lifestyle to be an asset to the building. So we're talking either a cafe, an art studio, a children's centre, anything like that, that's going to be an asset to the building is the way the retail is programmed.

GH: Can you tell us about the smart living app called Distrikt AI?

EK: What’s amazing about Distrikt AI is Distrikt's vision to make sure they are ahead of the curve in terms of where technology is going. A lot of people have talked about smart home and what this actually does. It (Distrikt AI) takes it a few steps further, it actually makes the whole building smart and what I mean by that is from your concierge to the way your parcels are being received, which obviously everybody's doing in terms of understanding that parcels is the way to make sure you're you're getting your items delivered to you, but how that is all incorporated, every unit in this building will have a keyless automated door system, they will have pads located in each of their suites that gives them access to concierge, to the garages, to all these different features and you'll have Wi-Fi throughout the whole building including the elevators, so it's taking smart home, but it's taking it a step further and it's actually programmed in a way where you can just keep adding services as they become more and more available in the coming year. So it's a very smart way to do it and Distrikt’s very proud to know that this is the way they're gonna do things moving forward in all their buildings and that's standard with all suites.

GH: What’s transit like for the residents at Distrikt Trailside?

EK: So the site is right on Dundas and what you will see happening on Dundas currently is major construction because what they're doing is they're widening to have a distinct transit line like they did in Woodbridge with the Viva bus line so they're doing the same thing in Oakville. Oakville itself, the transit numbers are amazing, to understand, this site is under five kilometres from the GO station which 85% of people who use the GO station like to live within five kilometres of the station. Oakville itself has 25 different bus routes and they're actually the first community to introduce the presto card that is being adopted throughout the GTA now. So they are a little progressive, you wouldn't think about it but they're quite progressive in the way they look at their transit.

Sixth Line & Dundas St Oakville

GH: Why Distrik Trailside?

EK: Well other than of course the design and the architecture and the way the units are going to be finished, the opportunity in Oakville, the location as well. You know, Oakville is in dire need of smaller products and price points that are much more available, the average transaction in Oakville now is 1.2 million dollars, so along with the fact that the employment opportunity, which means you know, which we've identified that five thousand people come into Oakville every day to work and that number has been increasing and increasing and increasing, so having the ability to create this type of product in an area like Oakville is the best real estate investment I think you can do and that's why Distrikt Trailside. If you can invest in Oakville, you might as well invest in the best design building in Oakville.

GH: When is the project launching and how can someone get access?

EK: We're launching this project in September of 2019, so this fall, coming pretty quickly. For best access get yourself with a great platinum broker like GTA-Homes, they have access, so I would align yourself with that company and we look forward to working with you.

EK: I'm Eric Kuzuian and this has been the COOL 10

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