Talking “Exchange District Condos” With Camrost Felcorp and IHMG


As the first of four towers coming to the Exchange District master-planned community in downtown Mississauga launched this week, we wanted to get in front of Camrost Felcorp and International Home Marketing Group (IHMG) to get the rundown on why it's imperative for interested buyers to get into the development at ground-level.

Luckily for us, we were able to speak to both Christoper Castellano of Camrost Felcorp and Elliot Taube, President of International Home Marketing Group, to get their perspectives on the new project and community.

Check out the interview below!

Exchange District Condos By Camrost Felcorp - The Cool 10 Interview By GTA-Homes: TRANSCRIPT

GTA-HOMES: Hello GTA-Homes viewers, welcome back to the COOL 10. In today’s episode, we will be chatting with Christopher Castellano, VP of Marketing & Sales at Camrost Felcorp Inc. and Elliot Taube, President at International Home Marketing Group. The topic of discussion is The Exchange District Condos, planned as part of the Exchange District’s master-planned community, a massive 3-acre site located at 151 City Centre Drive, just south of the Square One Shopping Centre.

This new luxury residence is set to invigorate the heart of the city centre with splendid accommodations and transportation conveniences that will redefine urban contemporary living for the next generation to come. Let’s get into it.

Exchange District Condos Is Pet-Friendly

GH: What does this master-planned community bring to the City of Mississauga?

CHRISTOPHER CASTELLANO: What we're hoping to achieve with this master-planned community, what we're aiming to achieve is to really bring an international and urbanization flare to the downtown core of Mississauga. when we look at the team that we put together for this development, specifically we, you know, number one, we recruited international, the name alone says it all. Secondly, we worked with IBI - Page + Steel Group to really bring their international expertise and which leads into my second point-- we worked with the BDP architects based out of London, England. The second thing we really want to bring with this the district is the pedestrian space and the retail amenities to it so working with the BDP Group based out of London, England we were able to put together a fantastic retail amenity package as well as a pedestrian piazza.

ELLIOT TAUBE: One of the real hallmarks of doing a master plan community too is it allows us to have a really immersive experience for the residents and the people who visit it. When you're doing a single building, you can't have as rich of an amenity program, a retail space, and doing this over the multitude of buildings, which you can see kind of in the background here, it really allows for a community feel.

GH: What sets this Camrost-Felcorp development apart from the rest?

CC: well in order to answer that question, we really have to talk a bit about who Camrost Felcorp is. So we've been a developer here in the GTA for the past 40 years, for over 40 years you know we've got about 60 buildings under our belts, over a hundred-thousand residences, two million square feet of retail and commercial space, over a billion dollars, two billion dollars now with this new district in development, Camrost Felcorp, really our hallmark, our calling card is a master plan, mixed-use community. One of the things we really pride ourselves in is this idea of creating a very livable space for our purchasers. We don't want them just to purchase a condo, live there, but then have to commute to, you know, go buy their groceries, to go get a coffee, to work, we really believe in creating spaces that people can live, work, play in --real mix, true mixed-use place. If you look at a development like Imperial Village where you know you've got direct access to cafes, to Longos, to the LCBO and then if you look at our other you know master plan community developments out in Leaside, which is going to be the Upper East Village, that's really what we're looking to bring to Mississauga with the Exchange District. This idea of an urbanized mixed-use development.

GH: Can you tell us about the floor plan? Everyone wants to know what kind of offerings will be available?

ET: I'm really actually proud and excited to show these plans to you and to the rest of the world when we're releasing. The Camrost team with the architects worked tirelessly. I think we've got everything that's going to suit somebody who wants to live there and whether it's an investor looking for a rental property or that end-user who ultimately has to live there. Very efficient 1-bedroom plans, you know, from a smaller 450 per square foot which gives you affordability in Mississauga, more livable stuff in the 500s. We've got great two bedrooms and some of our suites, I believe will house three bedrooms and one of the exciting things about this building is going to be the terrace collections as well we've got these incredible terraces and the views from there are going to be spectacular.

GH: Can we talk price point? How does it compare to new condos nearby?

ET: We always get that question of where is the price going to land? How do we compare to what else is on the landscape there? Sometimes it can't always just be a pricing issue. Location has to play into that fact. What are the amenities going to be like? What is that full offering like? One thing that I can plainly say, you know, right at this point in time, is we're gonna be close to what the markets seeing out there but slightly above and this is an elevated product and this is that first chance to be part of the district there and the whole change of what Mississauga is gonna bring. Nowhere else has there been an offering of late where you can walk right into square one, where the new LRT is gonna be right at your doorstep and whether you want to be at the school, the Living Arts Centre, everything is just such a close walk. We've talked about being in the city, how many steps is it to transit, you know, you are right there so from a price perspective it will be very similar to what's in the marketplace but, you know, with the Camrost Felcorp brand and with what we're doing there, I think it's just gonna be, you know, slightly elevated.

GH: Can you elaborate on your world class amenity space?

CC: For sure, so Camrost Felcorp, as we mentioned earlier, one of our big things is this idea of master planned communities and livable spaces obviously paramount to that are amenities. So what we're doing here is we're taking a page out of our very successful playbook and we're creating a world-class amenities offered for this development. So what we're looking at right now is, you know amenities, obviously this is sneak peak information for you, but we're looking at putting in a 20,000 square-foot amenity center that's gonna have everything from a half-court basketball court to indoor pool, outdoor tanning deck, a you know, state-of-the-art fitness facility, massage rooms, an outdoor terrace, massive outdoor terrace, rooftop space complete with barbecues, dining areas, really the way we look at amenities in order to create the most livable development and district for the purchaser to live in and, you know, play in and enjoy it.

GH: What kind of features can we expect for each suite in this luxury condominium?

CC: Our latest developments have all been, you know core downtown, Yorkville, Midtown focused developments but I also think it's important to point out that Camrost has developments all over the place. We've previously developed in Mississauga, previously developed in North York, but definitely over the past couple of years, being so focused on the downtown core has elevated our eye and definitely our finish package so you know right now we're in our purpose-built rental 101 and I think you're able to see the difference in quality and build that we're able to achieve these days so I don't think it'll be very much different in the Exchange District. We're definitely looking to bring true, you know, high-end European brands into it, as well as a keen eye on detail and finishing, so that, you know, when purchasers are going into their suite for the first time, they're really taken aback at the quality of what they're seeing.

Exchange District Condos at Square One

GH: Can you tell us about the neighbourhood? We know about Square One, what else is nearby?

ET: I mean Mississauga when you're talking about Exchange District, like the history of that city and how it's grown is absolutely incredible. Well first off, it's the fifth largest city in Canada, everything that you could want is at your doorstep, and employment, which is really an important feature there, is all around, the Toronto Airport-- Pearson, it's the largest employer in the district. We talked previously about the fact that 70 fortune 500 companies make their offices part of Mississauga. The Living Arts Centre, schooling, everything is within reach. You're close to the lake, you're close to the transit, and if you want to get back into the city for the aspects of major sporting events or things like that it's also at your doorstep.

Exchange District Condos Is Pet-Friendly

GH: What about green space? Where can residents find a park or trail within the community?

CC: Sure so within the community, right around where the development is going up, there's many parks already maintained by the City of Mississauga but over and above that, in the center of our four-buildings, we have this beautiful pedestrian Piazza that's been designed by the London-based architects BDP who are true experts in the realm of pedestrian spaces so you know in that green space, it's really built and designed with the intention of being a place for people to, you know, spend time in, for people to hang around in, for people to enjoy their lives, so whether it's, you know, you want to go hiking down any of the trails that will lead you to the water line on Port Credit or if you want to have a bit more, you know, of an entertainment and a Piazza-style that you'll be able to find right in the district, this location has the advantage of being close to some really great outdoor amenity space well.

GH: What are the transportation options for this neighbourhood?

ET: Well you are at the city centre. The existing bus routes all travel right past our door and the beautiful thing right now, and we've heard from the province, is that the LRT that's going to link you to the GO train, to Brampton, all throughout Mississauga will be underway, so transit is going be readily accessible and right at your doorstep.

GH: Why Exchange District?

CC: Sure, I mean the top three reasons for me, what has me most excited about this project is the fact that we're bringing such an urban and international flair to, you know, downtown Mississauga. Part of Ontario that really deserves it. Mississauga has really grown up over the past couple of years and we feel that this is, you know, the next evolution of the downtown core. The City of Mississauga themselves have a very incredibly ambitious plan that you know they've worked tirelessly and they've started putting the wheels in motion and we feel with the Exchange District, we're really able to help and aid in them realizing their goal. You know, for their long-term vision. Secondly, I'd have to say, you know, we've talked a lot about the location and means of access to transit, to retail, to the incredible amenities that are going into the development themselves. So really the location would be my second one and lastly the architecture. I am absolutely taken aback by the architecture that IBI was able to put in. It's such a dramatic building, it's a classic building that's going to stand the test of time and you know this is right now. We're just talking about the first phase of a four-building district that's going to go up so those are definitely my top three reasons.

ET: And jumping in, and I agree with everything that Chris just said, but one of the key things and working with David and his team over the years, understanding that this is building, one of a four-building project, being there for phase one is always an investor's best play. There will be uptick as we go, as this becomes a more established destination, but there's nothing like being at the ground level of the development and this is it, this is phase one of Exchange District.

GH: When will you be launching and how can someone get priority access?

ET: We're building up towards what's gonna be an absolute spectacular launch. April 25th is the date that all the information, everything will be out there, will be starting to be signing agreements shortly after that and the way to get access is through your trusted realtor partners. And you know we've worked with you, David and Brigitte, GTA-Homes, the whole team for a number of years, and if you're looking for Exchange District, contact GTA-Homes.

CC: I'm Christopher Castellano.

ET: I'm Elliott Taube.

CC & ET: And this has been the COOL 10.

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