Talking “TC4/TC5 At SmartCentres Place” With Jason Lam

Talking “TC4/TC5 At SmartCentres Place” With Jason Lam

Coming off the success of the sold-out Transit City 1-4, TC5 at SmartCentres Place is said to be the last in the collection and will feature a TESLA car share service, a HERMES furnished lobby and a 1-acre park just outside its front door. Never has there been a more connected community in Vaughan with the subway under a minute away, not to mention, a future underground path travelling from the community to the TTC is in the works too.

Our visit to the Transit City sales office included the opportunity to sit down with Jason Lam, CentreCourt Developments’ VP of Sales and Marketing, where he shared his take on this spectacular community. Check out the video below for the interview.

TC4/TC5 Condos By CentreCourt Developments - The Cool 10 Interview By GTA-Homes: TRANSCRIPT

GTA-HOMES: Welcome back to the COOL 10. We’re here at the VMC to speak to Jason Lam, vice president of sales and marketing for CentreCourt’s fourth Transit City at SmartCentres project, called TC4. Vaughan is on the cusp of a big shift in density especially in the area around the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station and planning for this 100-acre community hasn’t stopped as its first, second, and third phase completely sold out in record time. Investing in this development early on will be paramount. Check out what Jason had to say.

GTA-HOMES: What was the secret to phases one, two, and three selling out in record time?

JASON LAM: Definitely the market but I think outside of that it's our location, our story, the team behind this community and SmartCentre as well as CentreCourt Developments. I don't think there's a better team in the industry today in terms of execution and vision but if I had to say one thing, it's definitely public transportation. The TTC subway opening up the SmartCentres Place bus terminal opening up and bringing in YRT/Viva, Brampton Transit and TTC all to one community at our doorstep

GH: What makes CentreCourt Unique?

JL: What makes CentreCourt unique is that they're driven by core corporate principles that you can find on their website and their desire and ambition to be the best developer, best-in-class in the GTA, their relentless commitment to their craft.

What makes CentreCourt Unique?

GH: Do you believe TC4 is the most valuable option in the marketplace today?

JL: I think in today's market, I think there is no better value. We're starting in the threes with no product surpassing $600,000. I think when you tie that into the community, in the stores at SmartCentres place. The vision of SmartCentres, proximity to global employment and public transportation nodes, I think there's no better value, there's no better in-store in the marketplace.

Can you describe the floor plans at TC4?

GH: Can you describe the floor plans at TC4?

JL: The floor plans come very efficient and that is a CentreCourt model, that's the CentreCourt staple, you know when you see the floor plans, if you haven't already, they’re very highly efficient, ensuring that every square foot is accounted for which will eventually impact how your maintenance views will play out so I think, you know, it also impacts the pricing, so I think the four plans are one of our best features by far.

GH: The T in TC4 is for Transit. What can you say about the Transit Infrastructure?

JL: It's the most, it's one of the most exciting parts of our community is how much and how many people come through this community to get to work. The truth is we have SmartCentres Place bus terminal just by Transit City One, Two and Three, as well as TC4 and 5, you know, so you have YRT and Viva that comes through this community as well as Brampton Transit and Zoom. We obviously have very, very close access to TTC subway so I think there's very few communities that have this type of infrastructure, this type of access, and I think many people that come through this community in York Region to get to work, to go out, I think they're gonna realize that SmartVMC is going to be where they want to live.

The T in TC4 is for Transit. What can you say about the Transit Infrastructure?

GH: When we see “Fully-integrated downtown community” what does that mean?

JL: We're building a community, crafting community, in terms of urban planning to the highest degree. And SmartCentres and CentreCourt have really put that at the top of the list to make sure that all residents whether you're younger to the elderly, young professionals to young families or those that are downsizing by integrating global employment, AAA retail, AAA public transportation infrastructure and highway access, there's no one that wouldn't want to live at SmartCentres Place. It is going to be the premier community in all of the region.

What kind of green space can residents expect for TC5 and TC5 projects?

GH: What kind of green space can residents expect for this project?

JL: the green space at SmartCentres Place is unrivalled. It starts with a nine-acre park in the heart of our community but for those investing or purchasing at TC4 and 5, they will have a one-acre park at their doorstep, right in front of them, centre ice, the size of one-acre is probably slightly larger than Dundas Square.

GH: York University is 3 subway stations away. What does that mean for investors?

JL: It means that they're diversified. For those investing in TC4 and 5, I think the story of public transportation is going to be the biggest story and how we're connected to all of York Region now, global employment in the area between PwC KPMG and so much more, it's a great story but I think in a recession-proof marketplace that is the universities, I think you have fifty-two thousand three hundred students and ninety-five percent of which cannot live on campus. Sixty-two hundred international students, there's seven thousand faculty members. Really what it means is they're diversified in the sense where those students are going to need a safe, convenient place to live, and I think VMC in SmartCentres Place in TC4 and 5 is the most logical place for them to be.

York University is 3 subway stations away. What does that mean for investors?

GH: Let’s Talk amenities. What can we expect?

JL: It is the largest amenity program in the GTA today. I think when people see the sheer scale of our fitness area, the running track that sits atop our outdoor pool and cabanas and barbecues, there's so much to like. Between the Tesla car share, our you know, HERMES furnished Lobby, there's a lot going on and I think it'll connect with anyone and it’ll resonate with everyone

GH: How can someone get Priority Access?

JL: TC4 & 5 will be launching in early April 2019 and getting priority accesses is the tricky part. You’re definitely going to want to contact a developer approved, experienced, reputable, real estate professionals such as yourself.

JL: My name is Jason Lam and this has been the COOL 10.

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