Toronto Is Building Its First “Smokeless” Condo Building

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The Humber will be the first “smokeless” condo building in Toronto as the federal government of Canada legalizes marijuana nationally. Options for Homes’ has chosen to spearhead the prohibition of both tobacco and cannabis, however, vaporizers will be allowed.

Approximately 40% of Ontarians reside in multi-unit buildings yet, there is a major shortage pf smoke-free options. This is especially problematic for those with chronic illness and conditions. Despite the serious and increasing demand for smoke-free multi-unit housing in Ontario, there are only a handful of smoke-free condominium in the province. Now that cannabis is legal, there’s no time like now for citizens and businesses across the country to consider how they’re going to adjust to the changes. This is why the developer is wasting no time in bringing their project to northwest Toronto.  

How condominiums will adapt in this new world has been particularly interesting. The discussion of whether someone can or can’t smoke in their units has intensified since the federal legalization of cannabis. Just because someone can smoke legally, does that give them the right to smoke in their condo apartment? 

While there is already a bylaw against smoking in a building’s common area, whether someone could smoke in their own unit has historically been up to the individual condo boards.

Many of Options for Homes’ buyers are families, so they want to offer an option for those who would prefer living in an environment where smoking is prohibited.

The developer’s CEO, Heather Tremain, has expressed her understanding that it’s impossible to prevent lingering smoke to move in between units in buildings. She told CBC, “How are we going to make the best community possible and weigh the rights of the smoker and the person who doesn’t want to be impacted — either tobacco or cannabis?”

Prospective buyers for The Humber have overwhelmingly sided with the decision to not allow smoking, with 75% of 800 respondents claiming they would be more likely to purchase in a “smokeless” building.

This seems to have been a good move for Options for Homes because of their typical demographic, but the question remains how many condo developments across the city will follow suit? Will this become a trend across the majority of new developments, or just a rare quirk of certain family oriented projects? Only time will tell.