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Harnak Developments

Harnak Developments is a Toronto real estate developer who is looking to make major contributions to the the communities and skyline of the GTA. They believe in finding the best talent for their project, because if you have amazing people working for you, than you’re setting yourself up for the best chance for success. These are the reasons why they seek talent out from not around Toronto, but the entire continent of North America. With the help of these experts, this developer is able to create spellbinding homes and transform entire communities.

A fantastic building doesn’t get built without the help of a fantastic team, and that’s why this developer seeks out the best talent from not just Toronto, but all of North America.

New Development by Harnak

Acquiring these people with a variety of expertise allows this developer to create well rounded condos and townhouses that will give new home buyers excellent value for their money. Their team of experts keeps this developer cognizant of how to create marvelous floor plans that optimize the square footage of the space. It’s not just in the actual building itself, either. They have also sought out the best sales and customer service staff. This ensures that new homeowners will have an amazing experience through this new journey of their lives. The entire team makes sure that the experience will be positive from the beginning to move in.

They also understand the importance of quality in your new home. This developer and their team performs intensive market research that keeps them informed of the best products that are available. Nothing’s worse than getting into your new home and finding out your appliances or utilities are of subpar quality, but with this developer that’s never going to be a worry. Quality is of critical importance.

Harnak current project is BT Towns in North York

In addition to the quality of the products themselves, they also make strides to understand what elements of a new home are most important for new residents. They focus on details that matter to the homeowner. For some developers some of these details may seem like additional luxuries, but Harnak wants you to feel at home in your new residence. Their units feature ample closet space. These are places where you’ll hopefully live your whole life, and they know that things tend to pile up. Giving residents plenty of closet space just makes sense in contemporary condos and townhouses. They also make sure their kitchens are nice and functional.

Nothing’s worse than struggling to find the sugar in your own kitchen, or not having enough preparation room, but that won’t be a problem when you purchase from this developer. They also implement fantastic living spaces that keep aesthetics in mind. This mean that you’ll not only always feel at home in your new residence, but you’ll feel pride as well. You’ll look forward to entertaining, or if you’re looking for something a little more low key, just staying in and reading a book.

Their current project is BT Towns in North York. This new development gives prospective residents a chance to live in a community that feels like an escape from the downtown hustle and bustle, but still provides plenty of access to downtown. These townhomes give an opportunity to take part in one of the little luxuries in the GTA- the chance to barbeque. Your friends will be clamoring to join you for your expertly grilled fare! All of this with homes starting at just $35k - a rare find in modern day Toronto!

This developer has made it a priority to seek out the best talent available on the entire continent, and it’s paying off. Their homes have an attention to detail that rivals all other living spaces in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether it’s quality appliances and utilities, or the finer things in life like efficient and ample living space, this developer makes sure that you will feel comfortable and content in your new home. Their newest project in the L’Amoureux region of North York will provide new homeowners a chance to live in their spacious new home away from the hustle and bustle, but still feel connected to the urban environment. Moving forward, this developer is sure to provide amazing homes throughout the GTA.

All New Condo Developments By Harnak Developments

BT Towns
Sold Out
Sold Out
2100 Bridletowne Circle, Scarborough, ON M1W 2L1
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